"The Golden Ray:  Christ Consciousness"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

We have to sympathize with Mary and Joseph, back in their day.  How do parents tell the world that they have just given birth to a Messiah?  And further, how do they learn to deal with someone whose daily life is filled with “special” occurrences?  Enquiring minds want to know! 

These same issues are being worked through in households all over the world at this time.  In nearly every society, folks are talking about little “Messiahs” that are growing up in their midst.  Of course, they are being discreet about it, remembering what the world did with the first one.  These “New Kids” are awakening, and the whole world must prepare for what is about to happen.

When the skeptics pose their questions, I do say that I hear them, but I doubt that the decision about whether or not to make these kids into Messiahs rests with us.  Fact is--they already are Messiahs.  Indeed, so are we all.  The mystery of the Cosmic Christ is revealed in the fact that each of us, and all of us together, make up the Second Coming of Christ. And our Planetary Oneself is also the new embodiment of the Buddha, Krishna, Brahman, The Goddess, and every other type of Expanded Being, as well as a whole host of “normal folks” as well.  We are all of it, though most of us are not ready to consider that yet.  Universal Oneness.   

But Star Children do not carry the same restraints for their consciousness that bound me up as a child. Not only are they ready to consider what’s happening, they are able to carry all the energy that goes along with it. The clarion call that sounds in their hearts is too strong to be dampened by the religious right, or diagnosis of “behavioral dysfunction” from the High Priests of Health Care. 

Their awakening spirits are irrepressible, flowing like rivers of knowledge and power that cannot be contained for much longer.  They have become keepers of all this power that the older generations have chosen to pass by.  We were afraid of it, so we let it go.  Our children have just picked up on the task that we have left for them.   

The reason Meta-Human Kids are so dazzling is: their elders choose NOT TO BE.  We are too threatened by our own internal power and authority, except the kind that money can buy.  Hasn’t it always been true that children tend to take on the “shadow aspects” of their parents and teachers—the hidden themes and issues that they/we wish to deny?  Adults who choose to finally take up the mantle are referred to as “Star Elders.”  They rock!  And they are equally part of this grand unfoldment to come.    MORE