From:  "Welcome to the Multiverse"

"To fully comprehend what we are saying, it is most important that you begin to look at everything you previously considered "self" and realize that the totality of that represents only a tiny portion of you---a little piece of Infinity that was "chipped off" to enter this World of Form. That "fragment" was programmed and sealed tight against the knowledge of the rest of who you are by what has been termed the "Veil of Forgetfulness."  However, this miniature replica still retained all of the basic attributes of your essence as creator.  Like a monitored culture in a huge petrie dish, you grew and multiplied as you always have and always will---but in a defined and limited space. All the while, you remained unaware that there existed anything more of self than could be seen around you in the dish.

Now we reveal to you the wonderful truth that, as a Citizen of the Multiverse---every thought you have, every dream, every desire that longs for fulfillment is happening now, in its entirety, somewhere within the Multidimensional Self.  Do you see?   This physicality which you have held so dear---this solid matter that you have clung to as what is "real"---it is this plane that is the shadow!!!  And every part of that shadow; every nuance---is fully realized, and is complete, somewhere within the Multidimensional Self.

The determination of what is real is a matter of perception rather than existence.  Everything exists, but not everything is perceived.  Your senses are not windows to an "objective universe."  They are really filters, blocking the conscious mind from noticing what you have no desire to see.  "OUT THERE" exists an infinite storehouse of possibilities.  That is because "out there" you find the All That Is.  There is a difference between All That Is and you.  That's what being in physical form is about---an adventure called Separation.   

Part of the mechanism that binds together the 3D world is a "blocking" from your consciousness of full representation of all you are and all you are doing. Since this is "defined territory"--there is just not room for it all here. Therefore, the Limitation Focus was created to view, in full manifestation, only those ideas which you desire to study, up close and in slow motion. It is a huge "Microscope," designed for studying and exploring all those images and themes which interest you---those "issues" you have resisted at more expanded levels of being. If you think about it--you have to be resisting these issues, in order to slow them down to a vibratory frequency where they can become solid.  

This Earthly Itinerary contains only those "assignments" which bring completion to your soul's evolution---joining with your other alternative "selves," also functioning within other simultaneous existences, and forming the huge jigsaw puzzle you are within the Multiverse."

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