Excerpt from "Relationships:  A Time for Healing

"Mirroring and Relationship"

 My Dear Friends,

Each person you meet, and each place you visit, is your very own portrait---a memento of a lifetime you are currently living, at another level on the "radio dial" of existence.  Remember?  It is ALL YOU.........Multidimensional YOU.  Where once you questioned "What is truth?"  Now you can view and recognize all aspects of truth, right before your eyes, and own them with

The physical body which you have come to think of as "self," is simply a tool----a visual aid---which enables you perceive things, to make distinctions, and experience the world around you.  It is a temple, to be sure.  But then, the whole world is your Temple.  Your microcosmic body is like an arrow that is printed on the directory in a local shopping mall. The arrow says: "You are here."  Knowing that, the Oneself able to experience spatial relationship.  Are you afraid of losing that body? Well......keep it, then.  Or, try on a few others.  It's all your body.  The only thing we shall ever lose is Separation.

When we teach you about the symbolic meaning of people in your perceptual universe---we will refer to them as "frags."  This word is short for "fragments," and its usage is meant to remind you that everything you create is truly an aspect of YOU.  Everything is in you, and you are in everything. This does not downplay the divinity of your "frags" (since each of them is a co-creator in his or her own universe as well),........but it certainly clarifies yours.

This Cosmic "Game" you are all playing is called FRAGMENTATION.  It is a breaking up of a WHOLE, in order to examine and savour the essence of each of its parts.  In a sense, it could be said that each universe is but a "slide" that has been placed under a huge Microscope, so the eye of the Oneself can examine, in detail, each piece of All That Is.  Each spatial relationship is a learning experience, for all involved, and the Oneself gets to collate and archive all the data that is received.

Look at that person who is sitting across from you.  How does he appear?  What is his mood?  What does he seem to need, right now?

Once you decide the answer to these questions, give whatever you think "he" needs....... to YOURSELF.  After all, you are looking at your reflection, are you not?  The more strongly you feel an emotional reaction, a judgment, the more sure you can be that it is yourself that you see.  The only way to change that reflection is to change yourself.  Breaking the mirror, or painting over it will not help.  You are the world, My Friends.  You are the children.  Do you want to feed the hungry children of the world?  What have you done lately for that little cherub that lives inside of you?

The healing of Relationship, whether among nations or individuals, involves looking at everything as a mirror of SELF, and acting AUTHENTICALLY toward what is seen. This will not always result in popularized, sanguine expressions of "love" that are currently being marketed in the name of religion or political unity.  Love has its dark side, and it also has its light.  So do each of you.  Occasionally, a person needs to go DEEP DOWN in order to GO UP.  You will learn this in more detail, all in due time.


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


Copyright, 1991, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  All reproduction for profit requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.