Excerpt from "Mass Transit:  An Assembly of Souls"

"Midwifery 101"


"Until it is time to sponsor an energetic traveler through your Gate, simply think as yourself as vibrationally pregnant.  Whether you are male or female, it is no matter.  You are pregnant just the same---carrying aspects of your Expanded Self, with whom you have formed pre-incarnate contracts.  If you had no contracts, they would never be able to gain access into you.  Deal with that, and don't be immobilized by fear or shame issues.  

Your appearance is exactly the way you planned for it to be.  Pregnant beings may be uncomfortable at times, and they may also be somewhat slow and cumbersome.  However, there is nothing that is so beautiful as a birthing process that is in motion.

Many of you have asked how a person deals with the "stigma" of what appears to be excess weight.  Our answer to you is that you FORGET IT OFF.  The experience of being large or small has more to do grounding and balance on the physical plane than with who or what you are as individuals.  If there are changes in nutrition and/or activity that you find make your life experience more vibrant, by all means follow your energy into happiness and joy.  But if you find that nothing you do seems to bring about certain changes that you seek, you must trust that there is a very good reason for it.

In days past, you struggled mightily with who you have become, largely because you thought of yourselves as being self-indulgent and weak-willed.  Believing yourself to be lacking in "discipline," your self-esteem sagged, along with various body parts as well! 

Be aware, from this point forward, that just the opposite is true.  If anything, your will-power has been too strong, too focused, which is why your birth process has taken so long.  Your portal is jammed and swollen with potentiated energies, because your life force is so incredibly bright, thereby making you a primary attraction to those within the Unseen Realms. If you just learn to relax into this, accepting your innate beauty and power--your womb will dilate and you will bring forth that which you have been holding, allowing Onederful miracles to come through.            

The word "glamour" did not originally come to you from Maybelline or from your worldwide Houses of Fashion.  It has its origins in the Realms of the Fae (Faeries and such).  In the ancient sense, a "glamour" is a spell that a Magical Being throws over him or herself, to produce an awesome or intimidating appearance.  Or, it is an invisible cloak, to hide that self altogether.  It is only in present-day commerce, where beings are more focused on the outward than their inward self, where glamour has come to mean something that you buy rather something you be.

What you feel within yourself casts a glamour over all that you are.  If your feelings are warm and loving, your countenance will reflect that, down to the bone.  If you hate what is happening to you, and are resisting your process,  your energy will be prickly and dull, even if your actual physical characteristics clearly match what the world considers to be beautiful.     

The surges and electrical activity you often feel in your bodies are a true indication that you are being "accessed" by aspects of the Expanded Self.  As those eyes gaze through your physical senses, your body energy is accelerated....while your perceptual channels and sensory equipment are being operated from elsewhere within your Multidimensional Self.  Some people like to go into victim mode about this, which only drains their power and brings about discouragement.  Remember, it is all YOU.  As you open freely to what is happening naturally, more insight and perspective will be added unto you.  Move in Oneness, and Oneness will surely feed you.  Move in Separation, and Oneness will still feed you, but you will not be able to savor the taste!

Chaotic relationships are what Expanded Masters refer to as energetic "munchies."  They generate lots of heat and static onto the Astral Plane, which is like sugar to beings without bodies.  There are even those entities who encourage the dissonance of this chaos (the bakers and candy makers), who busy their energy with waving temptations in your faces so that you will continue to produce "goodies" for them to eat, while they are waiting for entrance to the funhouse.  

The greater purpose that all of this serves is to leach power from your expanding energy systems until you are ready to become fully conscious, and to completely come online with your innate gifts and abilities.  Each of you has your own timing for this, and the universe measures and matches your energy expenditures so as to perfectly achieve those goals.   


There is less we need to say about attracting physical "travelers" to your Gateway than there is concerning bringing through those from the Unseen Realms.  So let us cover the physical aspects first.  

Declaring yourself to be a "channel for Spirit" has less to do with technique, appearance and promotion than it has to do with willingness to stay focused within your seat on the Multidimensional Craft.  When we speak about the "Craft," we are referring to the Now Moment in which you find yourself.  The Now Moment is a Multidimensional Vehicle that can take you anywhere and anywhen you wish to go.  The only thing you must remember is to keep your hands and feet inside the car!  

Many of you have voices and actions that are jockeying to come through you every minute of your day.  However, you are restraining and repressing those energies for fear of what your life will mean if you let them out.  Some of this is quite appropriate, and some of it is all about fear.  You are reaching outside your moment, and trying to control what is going on inside of it.  If you are true to yourself in every moment, then every moment will continue to be true to you!   

One factor that will help you determine the appropriateness of your channeling will be the reflection you get in the world that surrounds you.  Remember, your physical universe is a mirror of all the aspects of life that you are.  If you begin sharing something from the Multiverse, and your physical world resists you, you must take that as an indication that your total being is not yet ready to run that energy.  Or, perhaps you must work at modulating the energy, so that it is more compatible to your own signature vibration.   

On the other hand, if you are sharing something, and the world is embracing and supporting you, you may still wish to pay close attention to what your own body and mind is doing with the energy as well.  There are two sides to every mirror, are there not?  The world may laud you, and even pay you great sums of money to share your channel with them.  That doesn't mean you will wish to do it.  In fact, you could do harm to yourself if you are not sharing from a place of total willingness and self-respect.   

You are responsible for the depth of your message.  The universe is responsible for the expansiveness of your ministry of the gift.  This type of Spirit Work is not about promotion.  It's about natural attraction and vibratory compatibility between your inner flow and the world around you.  If you are clear and joyful about your messages--either written or spoken--the world will hear that joy and naturally be drawn in to hear more.    


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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