Excerpt from "Mass Transit:  An Assembly of Souls"

"Physical Body Fat"


"Many of you have noticed, as part of your Transmutation journey, that you have put on some weight.  Still others have experienced powerful energy surges, moving up and down the spinal canal.  Some have recently had to deal with chaotic situations in marriage and relationships.  All of these aspects, and many others, are clear indicators that you have begun running  Soul Group Connective Energy.  You are a point of awareness that has appeared in a dark place, and many souls have become attracted to you for Reconnection to the Oneself.  

Physical body fat is a material manifestation of "non-descript energy potential."  It is not defined enough to manifest as muscle or organic mass, but is is dense enough that it remains attached to you, waiting for its time to be invested into the physical plane.  For many, extra weight indicates an extra "wait" that is being experienced, due to the Assembly of Souls in their internal corridor, leading to physical reality.

When your fullness of time has come, your "wait" will be complete.  The energies lined up there will be born--either as purposeful action, expressions of love and concern, channeled guidance, or works of art.  Having tried everything imaginable to "lose" this weight, in order to appear "normal," you must now accept the fact that you were never "fat" to begin with.  You are simply with child!  And now, your birthing time is near.  Some of you are physically wearing this pregnancy, and some are simply feeling it, energetically.  All are one, regardless of how things appear.

Do you see?  Some energies do not require a whole "Earth Journey," nor do they wish one.  They are simply Wise Men, bringing gifts of love, to commemorate the birthing of your Cosmic Christ.  This accounts also for many "premature" deaths involving infants born during this time.  They come, they taste of the realm, and they soon depart.  No harm, no foul.  Parents' hearts get opened through grief, and the energy continues to rise upon the Planet.  

The pain, excitement, and drama which you have bestowed upon the physical birth and death processes have been entertaining, but they will soon be fading away.  Birthing and dying is, for you and those like you, very much like breathing in and breathing out.  You are doing these things many times each day.  Their manifestation within your physical reality is awesome and symbolic, but the souls who you see coming and going are every bit as Multidimensional as are you.  Why, then, do you worry and fret?  You could not stop this process even if you wanted to.  And you would not stop the process, even if you could!  Everything is truly perfect.  And that will become more and more obvious to you as the unfoldment progresses. 


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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