EDUCATING THE EDUCATORS (click here for Part One)

Personal interest is the appetite of a healthy mind. We wouldn’t dream of force-feeding our children with food they do not enjoy—food that doesn’t match their “taste.” Why would we ever dream of doing that with ideas?  Some insights about Star Children and Education.

1. Star Children are highly evolved “aliens” who have “landed” in the midst of contemporary Earth Culture.
2. They come in peace.
3. They are here to build bridges of learning and understanding between our present world and a whole new world that is trying to make contact with us.
4. Bridges of learning and understanding must go both ways.
5. Children learn best by example. The easiest way to teach them is to actively learn in their presence. As they see you do it, they immediately begin doing it too.
6. There are no experts where humanity is heading now. Everything is becoming new. The biggest gift that our children bring us is a continual reminder of what it looks like to be open, wide-eyed, and expectant about life and learning.
7. Good “test scores” do not necessarily an intelligent person make.
8. One of the most important elements for learning and growth is having enough time to discover what you want and need to learn on your own.
9. Star Children are not the possessions of their parents or the society in which they live. They are explorers and guides for a whole new way of being.
10. The most effective function that an adult has, in the process of formal education, is to create and sustain an authentic and open learning environment, where the role of “teacher” and “student” regularly gets traded, back and forth, between the generations.
11. A decision to become a teacher is really a decision to reconnect with the Magical Child within. If we don’t do that, we won’t be able to connect with our outward children either.
12. We know that we have contacted our Magical Child when our bodies and minds get “turned on” by what we are doing in the present moment.
13. The underlying power behind sexuality is present and active in people of all ages. It is a creative mindset, an expanded state of being. Its primary components are a healthy curiosity, freedom to explore, and willingness to progressively share self with others.

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