The Star Children: Educating the Educators - Part 1
B Y  D A N I E L  J A C O B

I AM THINKING today about the most common expression used by space aliens when they encountered normal humans in those cheesy Sci-Fi flicks from the 1950s and 1960s. They said: "We come in peace." Of course, in order to sell movies, the aliens eventually had to blast a few of our cities to smithereens. In this way, we could establish that aliens are evil, fight them off, and end up thinking that humans are the good guys. Another victory for the status quo.

The above statement is a true statement that most Star Kids would like to make to teachers and administrators, as they begin to mix and mingle their Meta-Human traits and abilities with our established protocols for living. They come in peace. Indeed, there are Indigo Kids who openly question authority, and make some clear statements about what these New Kids will or will not accept ó yet the general intention in the majority of our youth is to build bridges and open doors for mutual exchange and expansion of cooperation between generations, so they can accomplish what they came here to do.

In many ways, Star Children are aliens, living among us in society. Many of them will openly admit to feeling this way. Their minds and hearts originate from a place in consciousness that is far removed from the mass mind that proliferates in the world today. But they are part of us, even as we are part of them. They came to help. We need their help. And the purpose of this series is to find ways where we can upgrade what is without blowing up our cities in the process.

Instinctively, humans are resistant to anyone or anything that feels to be divergent from the "norm." Itís our basic nature. In fact, I love one particular quote from philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, who lived and died in the mid-1800s. He said:

"All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed,
second, it is violently opposed,
and third, it is accepted as self-evident."

The Star Kids want to meet us on our own ground, and negotiate new terms from there. They know they have "powers" to penetrate our innate adult barriers, but they want to learn how to modulate that power, so they don't end up destroying themselves or us in the process.

I would like to begin dialogues on how the Children of the New Earth can begin to interface with our current school and community systems, where their "assigned" places have been neatly laid out for them ó even though there is little evidence that such a system has even the slightest clue about what they will need from society, and what they could potentially offer back to us, if we are willing to pay attention.

I would like to discuss common problems and pitfalls in the current educational system, especially in those places where they seriously hinder kids' lives. I would like some brainstorming on how a young person can, respectfully but firmly, move into the place of power and influence what is their birthright during this powerful time of global transformation.

Are we up for this? If we are, we're going to have to get past our petty fears and suspicions - especially where they promote age discrimination, emotional and/or physical abuse, and other such problems that are currently being felt all over this world.

As we begin, it feels to be very important that none of us places him or herself in a position where it is "Us vs. The System." That would be a hopeless position, and would not further the cause of our dear Star Children. We are the system. We are one. We are the world. Community and government is not a conspiracy that is formulated against us. It's a dream that we are invoking upon ourselves, from within, so we can learn something,
For sure, our educational system is seriously falling down in our midst. Still, it currently meets some very basic needs for our kids. I personally am acquainted with many powerful and earnest individuals who are working steadily to keep things afloat, and to make the existing educational system much better. Do we really want to bowl ourselves over by pre-maturely collapsing the system, or would it make more sense to build upon existing momentum, and add to what's there?

When I speak of "educating the educators", 'm not suggesting that parents and faculty begin a new round of locking horns, or we deputize another set of politicians (regardless of their orientation) to wrangle for more legislative attention to problems that can be as varied as the number of kids who participate in the process.

The true "educators" of the future are the children, themselves. And they will teach us by doing, not by arguing or legislating.

To me, the true lesson of the "60s" was..."You don't change society by changing society. You can only change yourself. Society is formed and reflected outward, from inside each person. If you change yourself, the society in which you live will eventually reflect that change."

If we try to do it any other way, we end up with more social "Wars" - (War on Drugs, War on Ignorance, War on Terrorism) - and what we resist will always persist. The statistics prove this. The more you fight something negative, the more negativity you get. We must clearly focus upon what we want, instead of fighting against what we donít want.

Any organized "movement" in society has diverse motivational forces that energize and sustain it. These forces will eventually become "special interest groups," as much as any lobbyists in Washington today. It all seems filled with agenda, doesn't it? Though the hearts of the original creators of a "movement" may be very pure, their predecessors will eventually muck things up. The Anarchist's Manifesto reads thusly: "All structure is bad. Structure requires leadership. Leadership bestows power... and power always corrupts." It may take awhile, but it always does.

I look at books being written today about Indigos, Crystals, Star Children and the like. Many of the authors have "MA" or "PhD" behind their names. And that is well and good. Professionalism and experience have value. But where society is now heading no one has gone before. The resources and protocols for dealing with new energy are being made up NOW, even as that energy flows in. Waving our degrees around in each otherís faces implies that what humanity needs to know about life already exists in books, or in schools, and that there are those who have already learned it.

My friends, we have just scratched the surface on these New Kids and this New Vibration in which we live! There are no "experts" where humanity is going now. And those folks who have been hanging around in our educational system for 20, 30, or 40 years may have a lot of "war stories" to tell, but are their "degrees" or "training" going to open their minds to new information and ways for dealing with life, or are they going to be millstones around their necks as society moves into this strange new world? Only time will tell.

I propose that we design a new degree to bestow upon ourselves, and upon each other, as we set out towards the Society of the Future. How about putting the letters "W.T.L" or "R.T.B.T." behind our names? They could stand for "Willing to Listen" or "Ready To Be Taught." Now there's a degree that can come in handy, as human paradigms keep blowing apart from under our feet.

Don't get me wrong. Everything we have ever learned can come in handy under the right circumstances. But an awakened Star Child can look right past our diplomas, and straight into our hearts and lives. Holding them up in his face is not going to impress him, and it just might hinder our own view as well.

I invite you to write me, and give feedback about ideas that are shared here. Letís make this series a prototype for the school system of the future. Letís talk about what we like, and letís discuss what we donít like. Letís also talk to our kids and let them know that we really care about the input they might provide. The whole idea of ďEducating the EducatorsĒ says that, in all learning situations knowledge will flow in both directions (if we let it). Letís come in peace. Letís come prepared to listen. And, most of us all, letís come preparing to be transformed.



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