We learn about Primary and Disowned Selves so that we can catch a vision of the work that lies before us and within us.  We come onto this planet with an agenda--a set propensity towards certain attitudes and lessons.  These, along with environment and the expressions of personal will, contribute to the formation of our Primary Operating Self.  However, it also seems that, at every turn, we are faced with divergent mirror reflections---wandering orphans---who long for us to see and own them.  Our journey is about integration this time around---and a good deal of our time in 3D is spent running from our own shadow!  We run and run, and then turn around to find it is still with us.  This is because it IS us.....attached to us on many levels.  

The "work" of integration involves three basic operations:

  1. Becoming aware of your various selves (waking up from the dream)

  2. Experiencing and owning each self.  (processing the dream)

  3. Beginning to make conscious, integrated choices that comfortably fit all parts of yourself (re-designing the dream). 

At this time in history, humankind (especially in America) is busy trying to shake off our INNER PATRIARCH, who many of us feel has choked the life out of our existence.  This Creator, Father, Judge has stood over our shoulder for most of our lives---in the form of  Commandments and Super-Conscience.  We hear the Laws, and we tremble.  Or, we can also rebel.  The created "God" of formal religion is more like a Cosmic Policeman than a Father. What do they say about religion?  "It is the opiate of the masses."  It's very clear that organized religion is about money and control.  Then, there comes a time for a "wandering soul" to come back into alignment with Source.  This is a very individual process, although group meetings can also be helpful.  We must never substitute the group for following our own inner voice.     

The Conscious Overself helps us to come to grips with the rebellious teenage self, helping us to verbalize concerns and legitimate confusion, while gently allowing for lots of experimentation and change.  We learn most simply by doing.

Sometimes, humanity moves too quickly or too far into the "freedom" category (as America did in the 60s).  This can scare us, collectively, and produce a huge critical backlash that drags us back into bondage (as America was dragged back in the 70s). We live, we learn.  It's all in the process. 

The most important aspect of working with selves is creating a safe, non-judgmental space, so that all can give input into the path and personal process of the Form Ego they serve and support.  It's like our own, internal "Round Table" of consideration and sharing.   This can involve the process of Conscious Channeling, as it may apply to our 3D personality.  When this happens, it can be the beginning of a whole new way of relating to life and to self.      

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