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Q:  Daniel, i have a question for you: i recently came across this website which spoke of highly sensitive people or hsp's. i suspect that there is a strong connection between the "neo-shamans" you speak of on your website and "hsp's". can you please elaborate more on this?

[DJ:] Yes, you’re so right.  Many of these terms:  “Neo-Shamans, Androgynes, Mercy Showers, Prophets, etc……” are ways of describing and expanding upon the many faceted jewel that we are becoming.  Each time I write about a new class of people……like the Hermetic Oneself, for example……..or Bridge People…….I am singing to those who represent that “side” of the jewel.  Some are empaths, some are transposers…….some are Imagineers.  It’s all related, and we all have access to those qualities if and when we choose to activate them. 

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