"Dealing With Authority, Part 5"

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The Reconnections teach that one of the greatest enemies of balance and freedom in any society is an Attitude of RIGHTEOUSNESS, as we compare ourselves one with the other. Our belief in "rightness," adherence to some external standard for acceptable thought and action, can be one of the greatest invocations for EVIL there is.  In the Book of Genesis (Old Testament),  we are told that God looked upon His Creation, in a moment of time, and said:  "It is good."  After that, ALL HELL broke loose! 

Establishment of Authority in a Society implies that there are standards for behavior which, if honored and adhered to, have power to make us "good citizens"....... worthy of respect.  However, there can be a problem with that.  It seems that, the more "good citizens" there are, laying down foundations of "righteous living" within a community---the more "lawbreakers" show up to challenge the status quo. As I said earlier, extremes tend to invoke their counterparts in order to keep the balance.

I begin my "Families of the Heart" Commentary with an exploration of the purpose of "Laws" in Society, and you may find it well worth your time to brush up on that conversation before going further with this one.   


The principles I will discuss here, from the teachings of the Reconnections, are equally viable when applied to ALL polarity relationships.  The idea of "Master and Servant" or "Governor and Governed" invokes plenty of drama from unfinished power struggles begun in our Families of Origin (F.O.O.).  I sometimes facetiously refer to people involved in these ongoing struggles as "Foo-Fighters."

As was mentioned earlier, the most important element we'll ever employ, when confronting our "other"...........such as Employer or Employee (for example) is to realize that we are looking directly at some part of OURSELF that has been forgotten.  To come into a 3D reality context, experiencing ourselves as separate and distinct from "others" requires usage of a Veil of Forgetfulness. Wrapped in the Veil, we tend to overlook the clear knowledge that we are parts of the same one Being. 

Not everyone will have the time or motivation to go through these steps.  Some will simply operate from an instinctual level.  And, if that is the case, our Watcher-Knower Self will assume responsibility for processing this journey---usually on alternative levels of consciousness.

When and if there are conflicts between rulers and those under their care......we can be sure there is a "message" in store for each soul involved.......even those who are watching from afar.  We can interpret reflections coming at us from (seemingly) "outside" ourselves using insights found in the transmission "Levels of Self".  

Contrary to popular opinion, it can be just as stressful (or even moreso) to be confronted by those UNDER your Authority as it is to be confronted by those who are OVER you.  The core of our emotional reaction to the confront often dwells in the memory it invokes of similar confronts at other key parts of our present life, or from other lives---memories that are ready to surface and be integrated into our Now Moment Process. 

"Seeing Life from An Alternative Point of View"


The stronger our emotional reaction when we are confronted, especially by an Authority Figure, the more likely it is that we are experiencing an ENERGY TRANSPOSITION. 

What is an Energy Transposition?  It's a contracted╣ interchange, between the Creator of a Perceived Universe (You) and a key figure from your past, or from another life context.  The person involved in your Now Moment interchange, with whom you're having some sort of conflict, is merely playing a role.  A role YOU designed him (or her) to play. 

The way we know a Transposition is taking place is:  The conflict seems to stir up far more emotional "juice" than it deserves. To "transpose" something means to "change places."  Normally, the term is most commonly applied in music when a pianist (for example) changes the key in which a musical composition is played.  The same applies to people. Emotionally, we set up a CORRESPONDENCE relationship between ourselves and another person (or persons) which activates cellular memory within us. As the scenario plays out, we have an opportunity to review past hurts or anger from a new place.   

Whenever I sense this type of thing happening, I immediately ask myself:  "Who is this (current) person WEARING for me right now?  Who am I wearing in relationship to him or her?  Who has changed places with whom?  Usual suspects for a Transposition include parents, siblings, teachers, and/or other "authority figures."  They can also include husbands, wives, lovers, and children from this or other incarnations.  We can usually know when we've "hit" on who the key person is.  An energy surge will underscore the connection. 

I first began noticing Energy Transpositions when I was doing process work with a client who was having difficulty with a rebellious stepson.  She kept complaining that she was treating him "nicely," and couldn't understand why he was always defying her---even when he knew she was only articulating "rules" laid down by his father (who he respected).  The more we talked about the situation, the more I got the idea that the boy was only a small time "player" in this drama. He had taken over a part of "Family Business" which had been left unattended. Children of the New Earth tend to do this, in order to facilitate healing in the lives of those around them. 

Suddenly, I had the impulse to ask this woman:  "How old is your step son?"  She said "He's 17."  I then asked:  "When YOU were 17, did you get along with your parents?"  Immediately, her face darkened a bit.  "Oh NO......" she said.  "I used to fight with my father all the time."  I then said:  "Do any of the things your step son is saying remind you of what you used to think or say about your father?" 

It was as though a LIGHT went on in her head.  She quickly screamed:  "Yes!  He's treating me and talking to me JUST LIKE I TREATED MY FATHER!"

I then said:  "Is it possible that, in this relationship, YOU are playing the "role" of your father, while ___________(her step son) is playing YOU, when you were 17?" 

Again, a light went on.  By setting a correspondence between her Step Son and herself, when she was 17........this woman had accomplished two important things:  First, she got to see her young, resistant spirit from a dissociated position.  Second, she was able to see how it felt to be her father, dealing with that resistance. A very useful process, indeed!  And there is really no judgment here.  There's simply observation..........AWARENESS.  And, as the Reconnections have told us many times:  "The primary ingredient for healing is expanded awareness."    

When my friend returned home.........(she had come a long way to do this process work with me)........the relationship with her son IMMEDIATELY began to improve.  Once she "got" what the connection was.........and figured out the "game" they both were playing,  the AUTHORITY ISSUES evaporated. 

Not every Energy Transposition resolves itself this completely or easily.  But many of them do. Whenever there is additional difficulty, it usually has to deal with additional variables.  We'll try to cover some of those as the series progresses.  In almost all cases, pinpointing an Energy Transposition brings a huge amount of enlightenment and restoration of warm relationship.   

There are several more steps a spirit-directed person can take if he or she wishes to properly integrate conflicts with Authority in life. Next time, we'll examine the ideas of Speaking Truth to Power, and Designing Creative Alternatives.  Stay tuned.  Much more to come.  

╣ For expansion on this, see "Soul Contracts" in the Glossary.



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