"Dealing With Authority, Part 2"

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B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


The world in which we live can and does make sense, providing we examine it from an "aerial" point of view.  In one of their early transmissions to me, the Reconnections put it this way:

"The clearest picture of an event or idea comes when we achieve a sense of perspective.  It is that magical place of "involved non-involvement" that creates an intimate overview......the complete experience.  That point is not a matter of location.  Rather, it is the knowingness which is beyond all hope or dogma.  You might say:  "How does one ever really know?"  You have it backwards.  FIRST, you know.  THEN, you know HOW you know." 

One valid definition of "AUTHORITY" could simply be:  "One who KNOWS." 

As the Guides remind us, true "knowing" is not something a person can work to achieve.  It is a "gift," bestowed upon those who have chosen to play a pivotal role in some specific life context.  There is a difference between "Knowledge" and  "Knowing".......just as there is a difference between the fruit of a tree and the tree, itself. 

Each person begins life with a sense of Personal Sovereignty.  Having newly arrived from a place where ALL IS ONE, newborn infants hold onto that belief until their ruling environment literally KICKS it out of them.  Then, slowly.......surely......they begin functioning on the premise that people, objects, and places are separate, which gives rise to their Limitation Journey.

When the Time of Reconnection approaches, each individual is given Personal Sovereignty once again---through infusion of the necessary "Bridge Concepts," which are seeds of rebirth for Innate Divine Perspective.

In a Oneness Universe.....every person, object, or situation is a physical manifestation of some internal aspect of the Creator of that Universe.  That is because each image or experience must pass through a perceptual "grid" to be interpreted by the brain.  Since each Creator has only HIMSELF to use as a point of comparison, all his creations tend to look like him.  The 3D World is, literally, a Hall of Mirrors

All Authority, regardless of where it SEEMS to originate, is given by consent of those to be governed.  Each child chooses his own parents, each citizen chooses his nation's leaders, each slave chooses his own master.........not through political process, negotiation, manipulation, or coups. All that is merely incidental. Everything happens by way of Soul Contracts, which are formed and agreed upon long before each life begins.  I know, I know!  Many people have forgotten this part of the process.  NOW is the time for us to REMEMBER.

There can be no authority without responsibility.  Another valid definition of "AUTHORITY" could be:  "One who RESPONDS."  

Without responsibility, there is no dominion.  Mere possession of a person or thing is not sufficient.  Any 'Authority' who fails to respond, when response is required, immediately begins to lose dominion over his realm.  Any person who begins knowing and responding to someone's realm begins to inherit the authority and dominion which accompanies it........IF..... he isn't KILLED in the process, by those who see him as a threat or a usurper of power.  This is the origin of the famous saying:  "The meek shall inherit the Earth."   

Contrary to popular opinion, meekness is NOT weakness.  The word "meek" literally means:  "lacking vanity or self-importance."  A Leader who falls into vanity and self-importance tends to ECLIPSE his responsiveness to the energies under his care.  This leaves a Leadership VOID, which calls out to friend and foe alike, saying:  "Please come and care for me!  My Lord (or Lady) doesn't want me anymore."  Those who live for vanity and conquest alone tend to kill each other off in that reclamation process---making room for the "meek" to inherit what's left.

In future segments, I will discuss some Principles of Authority which are naturally born of "The Politics of Oneness."   It is timely for this discussion to take place, and I welcome your comments and/or questions as we go along.  America is about to enter a whole new era of experience.  As we do, we'd best keep our EYES AND HEARTS OPEN, so we will not be overthrown by vanity and self-importance (a.k.a. "separation mindset").  This is a marvelous time to be alive!       



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