"Dealing With Authority"

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There have been many points in history when the Principle of Authority has gone through a serious Credibility Crisis.  America is currently going through one now.  In their transmission "Families of the Heart," the Reconnections spoke about a time when "politics" (as we know them) would fail, leaving each person with a cultural VOID where nationalism and patriotism once ruled. 

Even as the "Powers that Be" seem busy about the task of orchestrating a New World Order (which is actually quite old, in some parts of the world)......our human heart is busy about its task of breaking through the Veil of Forgetfulness, so reconnection with the Glorious Multiverse can finally be attained.  The key to reconnection is found in the realization that everything and everyone is part of the same One Being.  We are (each) the Alpha and Omega of All Creation, all across time.

The article "How to Figure Stuff Out" lays out some principles for interpreting reality which BEGIN with the premise:  "I have created everything I see or experience.  There have been no mistakes.  I am in TOTAL CHARGE of my life experience.  Everything is happening exactly as it should be."  For many of us, this is a HUGE pill to swallow, especially when we find our world continually presenting us with new evidence that our rulers and government officials have been cheating and lying to us at every turn. 


Human Authority is a "Trickle Down Mechanism" for Earthly Power in any given Universe.  In the military, we refer to this Mechanism as a "Chain of Command."  In show business, we might refer to some Human Authority as a "Director" or "Puppet Master."  Even GOD wears the crown of "Puppet Master Extraordinaire" in the lives of those who grant power to a Supreme Being beyond this physical existence.  In Oneness Concept, it matters not where authority is distributed, or who seems to wield it. Each "role" being played out is simply a Game Piece, moving around a Game Board of our very own choosing.  The Locus of "Control" always rests in the Eye of the Beholder, in the mindset of each person who interprets the Game.  

More will be spoken about this shortly.  There are solid principles for dealing with Human Authority, as the Deconstruction of 3D Planet Earth continues.  Our dear Indigos are born into this density with pre-set internal programming to question authority and bust apart human "systems."  Those who want to see Indigo Energy in action might want to walk awhile with the songstress PINK, or go have a look at Bill Maher's new documentary: "Religulous."  That should get your blood pumping!

In the days, weeks, and months to come.......many of us are going to be grappling with intense, polarizing emotions.....even as our Spirit reaches steadily upward, through a spinning Vortex Merkaba, which unites everything and everyone into a single, Awakening Planetary Oneself What will this look like?  How will we act?  Are there ways we can conduct ourselves which accurately portray the dignity, purity of focus, and expanded perspective which is our birthright, as we reconnect with All That Is?  Stay tuned.  This series of articles should be quite interesting, indeed!             



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