"Closer to the Edge"

B Y  D A N I E L   J A C O B


Now that the "next to the last" 11:11 Energy Gate has been opened, our Children of the New Earth are feeling inclined to do whatever it takes to overcome their greatest internal fear.  And.....you might ask......what might that be?  Fear of death?  Fear of abandonment?  Fear of Pain?  Not really.  After speaking extensively with many, many Indigos, Crystals, and Star Kids since 1997, I would identify their greatest fear as boredom. 

So…….as the vibes continue to rise…….so do our Star Children also tend to rise…….to whatever occasion is at hand!  No matter what the topic, there’s always a place in consciousness known as  “The Edge.”  If they can find that space---off they go to explore it!

The song in this video is a call to live your life without apology, without regret.  The primary moral issue in today’s youth is no longer “sin” or “lawlessness.”  To them, the bigger “crime” (if you wish to call it that) would be INAUTHENTICITY.  I love the commentaries of kids that are sprinkled throughout the video. I particularly love their comments on God. I remember being at an age where music became God to me.  In this video, one girl says:  “Some people pray.  I just turn up the volume on the radio.”  And another powerful message they have for us:  "Don't regret anything that you do.....because, in the end, it makes you who are."


A society which contains children that act on everything that comes into their minds is an establishment that is "failing to act" on key issues that scream within their own minds. THAT, in fact, is the real attention deficit. To merely medicate the child nullifies an important lesson. It buys time for the establishment, but are we using that time to our best advantage?

The Star Children who are growing up right under our noses are intellectually gifted and cunning beyond belief. What many of them lack is the self-esteem and the sense of personal authority that would activate that bundle of frozen potential in today’s world.  Our modern society is not structured to give them breathing room to unfold, or support for the changes and solutions they can bring to what humanity must soon face.  This frustrates and depresses them considerably.

Those who conform to society and move on into "respectability," are essentially feral creatures, merely submitting to external restraint. This requires construction of internal walls of protection, in order to shield their sensitive Star Child Consciousness - that place where motivations are stored and nurtured. Those who find that they simply cannot "sell out" in order to get by, become what psychologists call "behaviorally disordered."



Many of the basic premises and techniques used by traditional therapists and doctors are built from an extremely masculine (heavily logical) paradigm that holds a core belief that order equates order with happiness.  Star Children are anything but normal, and they will readily declare that order is not their highest priority in life. Anyone who takes a look at a Star Child's room or apartment will verify that.

Besides, most doctors treat them like they are “broken.”  They are not.  Mostly, they seek the invocation of passion, though the term itself may not have meaning to them. To the adult mind, passion is equal to lust or pointless intensity. But to a younger mind, the primary life force becomes whatever unique blend of mind and emotion that can be compacted and distilled into a tall cup of liquid NOW.




Copyright, 2011, by Stella Rae.  All Rights Reserved.