By Daniel Jacob

    WELCOME! WE HAVE A NEW YEAR, and a powerful new online format to explore a fascinating subject: Spirituality and the New Kids. As a baby boomer parent, and father of two grown sons, I speak as an observer—a kind of “color announcer” for how our next generation is dealing with this highly transformative energy that is coming onto the planet at this time. As a writer, a spiritual channel, and a transforming human myself, I get to bring a bit more to the party. This column will be a mixture of many elements - my own growth process, the energetic research I have been doing since the late 80s, and details of encounters I have had the wonderful World of “Meta-Humans” (Folks of all ages, who have set out on paths of Personal Transformation).

    For those who do not know me…I began this dance with the New Kids in the year 1997. I had been writing a series of articles for the Usenet Newsgroups called “Energy Activations,” which was focused on Planetary and Physical Changes—such as those brought on by the Harmonic Concordance, the 11:11 Activation, and the 12:12. My goal was to determine if people in other areas of the world were experiencing the same bodily sensations, shifts in consciousness, and upsurges of spirit that we were feeling in my neck of the woods. At that point, I had only been doing the online portion of my research for a few years, but the response that was coming back was tremendous.

    In one particular segment, I suddenly found myself writing about “Star Children,” and a whole host of tones just seemed to flow right through me. It felt as though I had made contact with some kind of Group Soul, which longed to share information with anyone who cared to listen.

    That one chapter was followed by nine more, which were published on my site and in the newsgroups around Christmas. It wasn’t long before I began receiving e-mails from many parts of the world—filled with resonance around the new concepts I was sharing. Even though the writings were focused more at Baby Boomer parents, many who wrote in were young people, telling me I was writing about them and asking for more.

    According to the information I was originally given, these special souls were carried in via the Golden Ray—symbolized by the appearance of the Comets Kahoutek and Hale-Bopp—between the years 1973 and 1995, give or take five years either way. Other waves and definitions of New Kids have followed. As time goes by, I may want to discuss some of the distinctions between them—which will also be detailed in many other articles appearing on this site as well.

    A few years had passed, when I happened upon the Planetlightworker Site, where I developed a friendship with Sharyl and Sandie. I offered The Star Children material as a resource for their Children of the New Earth Section. Many more articles followed. It seems that our Next Generation is a gift that just keeps on giving. And that is why we’re here, isn’t it? We are holding open our collective basket, and allowing all these gifts to fall right in.


    There is a fresh new spirit that is moving through the land. It is somewhat similar to an energy that tried to install itself in the 1960s, except this one doesn’t seem to have any signature themes to it, such as “free love” or “tune in, turn on, and drop out.” Instead, it carries with it a deep desire to embrace all themes, all mindsets, and integrate them into something wholly different than we have ever experienced before. It carries with it an emphasis that any changes humanity might make, from this point on, will first need to happen on the inside of each person, and move outward from there.

    Though the World of Politics continues, and will for some time, its promise of hope to the world is rapidly fading. Organized Religion is fighting for its life as well. In some cases and some places, our Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues have grabbed hold of the political process—either to take back some of its power, or to infuse sagging social systems with a renewed sense of idealism. So be it. What needs to happen will happen.

    The twin concepts of Universal Oneness and Multidimensionality are moving through our mass consciousness like a virus that has been dropped into the operating system of some Planetary Super Computer. Support technicians, charged with maintaining the “status quo” at all costs, are scrambling to see what can be done to restore our consciousness to its comfortable, previous settings. But it is no use. The New Energy (which is also an Old, Old Energy) has made its way into our bodies, our minds, our emotions…our very souls! We are starting to remember.

    The Message comes now, to each person, in his or her own language, perfect timing, and individual circumstance: YOU ARE NOT ONE OF MANY. YOU ARE REALLY MANY OF ONE. It plays upon the heart, like skillful fingers moving across the strings of a violin. It brings quickening to the soul, and renewed life to one’s inner being.

    Those who remain too habituated to Separation to receive this first infusion will watch as the effects of this energy move in and through the souls of those they love—neighbors, colleagues, friends and family—all the way to the highest social, political, and academic positions in the land. They will watch, and they will wonder. And yes, there will be resistance. It will be like the contractions that come during childbirth. Expand, contract, expand, contract. Painful? Oh my yes... and quite wonderful at the very same time.


    And so, here we all are. Wracked by labor pains, waiting at the Eternity Ward, crying out to be delivered of this unfolding Planetary Process! And here come the children, right when we need them. Children of the New Worth.

    In our most recent election, here in the United States, there was a lot of talk about Morality, and especially talk about Family Values. People here are afraid. Social boundaries are becoming blurred, and certain structures are beginning to crumble altogether. Have we been working too hard, and neglecting what is most precious in life?

    Joni Mitchell said it quite nicely in her well-known song “Big Yellow Taxi,”

    “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you have till its gone? They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot.”

    In the World of Religion, the word “worship” is frequently used. Many of us are told that we are free, and we can worship as we choose. To me, the word has always been synonymous with “worth-ship.” What is it that we hold to be most valuable, when push comes to shove? What is our Pearl of Great Price, which we would give away all else to possess?

    In The Imagine Nation Series, posted awhile back at, I lamented over the archaic way we continue to treat our gifted next generation. In many parts of the world, kids are still handled like possessions, chattle to be bargained for or with. Here are a few thoughts from Part One of that series, as the term “worth-ship” applies to our children:

    “Today, we live in a world that is heavily invested in the idea of control. We want to control the environment. We want to control the economy. We want to control the flow of the rivers and oceans that wash up against the lands upon which we live. Most of all, we want to control each other.

    In days past, child rearing was a pretty clear-cut thing. Children were to be "seen and not heard". If a child disobeyed, his or her father would simply reach for a paddle in order to apply the "board of education to the seat of learning". Children learned to keep thoughts to themselves - so much so, in fact, that some of them lost the ability to speak altogether.

    While the family unit continues to deteriorate within our society, more and more couples find themselves in divorce court, seeking to sort out the details of jangled lives. Among the many items that go on the bargaining table – next to the boat, the time-share condominium, and the antique china that belonged to Aunt Minnie - are the shining faces and blossoming potential of minor children who live in that household.

    As James Taylor's song goes, recounting the sorrows and wistfulness of family break-ups: "She gets the house and the garden, he gets the boys and the van." That’s about the size of it. Control. Authority. And the money goes round and round, and the lawyers get fatter and fatter. If fact, in many instances, it is actually the lawyers who end up with the house and garden, is it not?”

    Hidden beneath all this COMMERCE, and scrambling for control and authority, there are bright eyes and small faces, looking up at us with wonder and amazement. The Infusion of New Spirit has bounced right off our brain and trickled down into theirs. And they can handle those surges of power, because they came in—straight from the “factory”—with Multidimensional Software already installed. The rest of us must consciously open, to receive our personal upgrade.

    Generation X is either approaching or has reached age 30. They, like the man Jesus at that same age, are ready to begin their earthly ministry and share their gifts with a needy world. Will the Powers That Be move over and allow them a chance to do so?

    In a sense, it could be said that Jesus was one of the very first “Star Children.” A bright star was said to hover over the place of his birth. He was born in a stable, because there was no room at the Inn. In those days, as in our day, certain people spurned the greatest gifts and ignored that which is of most value. But others noticed, and took the time to seek it out—and worshipped, bringing gifts. They were eventually known as “wise men.”

    These Children of the New Worth come from many backgrounds, many religions, and many cultural orientations. The Jesus analogy applies, but it is not the whole story, by any means. In order for any story to qualify as “The Whole Story,” it must include and resonate with everything and everyone. It must permeate and penetrate every closet, every stronghold, every nook and cranny of humanity.

    The Heart of a Child has the capacity to do that. It is the Wholly Spirit of God/Goddess/All That Is—dressed in jeans or a jump suit, with dirt smudged on its face. The gift that it brings is openness, emotional availability, curiosity, and awe. It BELIEVES, when other hearts tend to doubt. Where humanity is going now, no one has gone before. Now the playing board is equal. We can all sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

    In months to come, I hope to explore a whole gamut of subjects in this column. The New Spirituality is more than politics, more than religion, more than philosophy. It is an EVENT, and it is happening now. For some special reason, this awesome Global Process has wrapped itself up in the unfoldment of our Next Generations, along with all those (of any age) who are willing to approach everything with the Heart of a Child.

    I look forward to hearing from you. I welcome your direct input, questions, and contributions to the study, as well as your tonal resonance with the process.

    Onward and Inward.

    Daniel. January, 2005.



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