A Child Friendly Society, Part 7

(an updated Commentary on "The Imagine Nation" Series)

by Daniel Jacob

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I guess you might say that this series has been something of an exercise; a journey into potential existence that requires us to do a certain amount of what Walt Disney called "Imagineering." Like a trip to the movies, taking a tour through The Imagine Nation requires a sizeable suspension of disbelief, a dispelling of doubt as well as a willingness to go somewhere entirely new in consciousness.

Having become willing to go to these places (albeit temporarily), I want to remind us all about that original position we adopted back in the first segment. Instead of asking ourselves, "How will we be able to do this?" we want to ask ourselves, "Is this truly what we want?" After all, if it isn't what we want, sooner or later we're going to find a way to block its realization in favor of something else. But if it IS what we want, and its time has come, we won't be able to stop it, no matter how hard we try.

Concerned Parents
I feel it behooves me, at this point, to pay particular attention to an important question that has been presented by certain readers along the way. Some have bristled at the mention of “shared power”, while others are very thoughtful, reasonably open, and very committed to getting at the best solutions for all concerned.

One reader wrote:

“I have some serious problems with how you are approaching this material about the “giftedness” of our young people. Whenever we set apart some group as the "new gift" to mankind, we set ourselves up for failure. It is simply the same old separation game under a different guise. We did this with shamans, religious avatars, priests, educators, and with the medical profession. Now you want us to do it with our kids. Change never really takes place by setting one group of people over another. All people have gifts, and all have needs. When we highlight one set of needs over another we breed frustration and resentment.”

I really appreciate it when I hear provocative inquiries like this. This person feels quite grounded, and obviously has a clear view of the various “stages” that society has gone through in our collective soul evolution. Being a channel for Oneness during this powerful time, I would normally be the last person that would want to dump messianic expectations upon the shoulders of our youth. But Spirit is saying that they are carrying something special inside them. It may be sleeping in some cases, but it’s there. And we soon will need to make room for it.

I guess it is the “non-healthiness” of emphasizing the needs of one group over the other that is the motivation for these writings in the first place. For too long "adults" have been allowed to place their own viewpoints and ideas above those of their children. Since society is not set up to integrate a child's view with our current process, their gentle spirits get over-ridden at every turn. Is it any wonder that they lack initiative and drive later in life?

Much of our parenting these days has been a dance between two extremes. Either we neglect our children and live life just for ourselves, or we make them the very center of our existence. Spirit now tells us that neither of these approaches is what our New Kids really need.

Being an “Adult”
When I was bringing through the information on Spirituality and Sex, last year, The Reconnections brought something to my attention, regarding that class of people we call "adults." Here is a bit of what they said:

The oft-heard admonition: "Act like an ADULT, will you?" is very telling. And your endless expositions on and descriptions of healthy "adult" sex, couched in terms of "sexual performance" is also quite interesting, is it not? Is all of it merely an ACT? Merely a Performance?

A wise man once expressed: "Always BE what you wish to seem." These words were never truer in history than they are now, My Friends! The vibratory pulse of your planet has reached such a pitch that your bodies and minds can scarcely withstand the weight of your incoming awareness, let alone the burden of carrying facades and picture postcards concerning who you would like people to think you are. What was once seen as an ideal (be what you wish to seem) is rapidly becoming a crucial skill for maintaining mental and emotional survival.

One of the primary meanings for your word "adulterated" is: "To make impure by adding extraneous, improper, or inferior ingredients." And yet, your word "adult" is said to mean: To become mature. To grow up." Even allowing for the fact that someone might be able to dive deep into ancient language derivatives to explain away the similarity of these two words, they seem to offer us all some powerful insights, do they not?

To be an adult, then, is to be partially "polluted by extraneous, improper, or inferior ingredients." But how could this be? Isn't it vital that everyone eventually learns how to become an adult? Not really. We have shared in another transmission the dangers of letting the dis-ease of POLITICS dominate your life. If you have not read that transmission, please follow the link and do so before continuing.

To be "political" curbs a society's natural, authentic desires and actions so they easily mesh with those of its neighbors. Being an "adult" takes this same dynamic and applies it to the individual. Even though it sounds very efficient and orderly, it also numbs a person out, and nullifies the primary purpose of relationships. If you are curbing and hiding your true feelings and inclinations from your neighbor, how can he get an honest and clear reflection from you about the hidden elements of his own Shadow Self, which you might be reflecting in him?

The word "politician" has, for many, become synonymous with the words "liar and thief." The practice of politics is really about LYING. How could it produce any other results than deception and disappointment? By saying this, we are not suggesting that everyone in society should have permission to attack, steal from, or molest another person. Nor are we advocating temper tantrums or dominating, insistent behavior. We are simply underscoring the primary need for those who exist in common space to honestly express what they are needing and feeling in the moment, doing so in a compatible and sincere manner."

The Magical Child
The Magical Child Aspect in a person never really goes away. It is ETERNAL, and forever filled with the wonder and awe of being innately divine, yet comfortably contained within a human body. It is possible, however, that the Child Self could be imprisoned, and relegated to some deep catacomb within the personality - a tiny room where "big people" are never allowed to go. In such a case, the body would walk and talk and be able to generally function in life, though it would be a "changeling", a socialized, adulterated replica of the miracle it once was.

In order to contact the Magical Child Self, and regain access to those powers and that perspective, we need to demonstrate (and invoke) his energy - through our actions, decisions, and priorities--showing that we are truly worthy to wield that power once again! I'm not just speaking here about going through the motions - having some beers with the guys and acting silly for a night. Such behavior, though playful, does NOT qualify a person to regain access to his (or her) Personal Treasure Trove. In order to do that, one must create a unique space for an opening - a place where the Child Self can re-enter his body and mind - a place where activating tones can call that child to remembrance once again.

Do you remember Ray Kinsella, the young farmer who sold everything he had to build a "Field of Dreams?" He was told: "If you build it, he will come," and he did!

A "Field of Dreams" is a space where we can visualize, rehearse, act out, and even PROGRAM what it would be like to be innocent and free again: free to experiment, free to experience, free to express! A place where we can lay aside armor, swords, cunning, or malice (or take them up, depending on the drama we wish to explore). Eventually, such a space might even become a genuine "Morphogenetic Field", where collective learning can occur, spontaneously, insidiously; the type of learning that has power to influence and reform an entire species.

Morphogenetic Fields can be created anywhere, at any time. They can be wildly elaborate, like "Star Trek" or "Lord of the Rings" Conventions, or they can be laid out in miniature, like tiny train sets of the mind and heart. To create genuine change, we don't always need to physically bump up against the establishment, or rebel against some "evil empire." There are times when all we need to do is FEEL, CARE, and BELIEVE.in what we're doing, in the midst of that FIELD, daring to plow under valuable corn crops (if need be), so we can have more room for building our towers that reach upwards toward Heaven!

The great English writer, J.R.R. Tolkein was a linguist by profession. He LOVED languages. He loved creating them, furnishing them, and laying them out--so folks could enjoy them and appreciate their brilliance. During his lifetime, Tolkein created two complete Elvish Langauges, Quenya and Sindarin, which are still taught and spoken today. His famous "Ring Trilogy" is a collection of fantasy writings that have gained worldwide fame across several generations. They are made up of stories about Middle Earth, and the struggles and life journeys of the inhabitants therein. The primary purpose for creating the Trilogy, in Tolkein's mind, was to have a place where these languages could be spoken. For him, the morphogenetic field was LANGUAGE, and out of that flowed all else.

George Lucas, creator of the famous Star Wars Saga, was a good friend of mythologist Joseph Campbell when he was alive. As I heard the story, Lucas was greatly encouraged by his friend to produce the Saga because, as Campbell verbalized it: "This generation (Our North American Western Society) has no myth of its own." And so, sensing a void which is present in all of us, Lucas put pen to paper and IMAGINED A NATION populated by Dark Masters, Jedi Knights, Ewoks, Wookies, and other such stuff. And, as he did this, he also gave us a general outline of THE FORCE, an energy field which binds the galaxy together, and gives to us our life and purpose.

What we believe, we can achieve. Or, as Wayne Dyer so aptly put it: "You'll see it when you believe it!" And it is within this realm of CHILDREN that instinctual, soul transforming belief dwells. Only a child has power to embrace stories, traditions, and myths without question and without hesitation. Only a child, untarnished by cynicism or fear, has power to gather together enough happy thoughts that he or she becomes empowered to rise and fly out into the night!

And so it behooves us all, at this important time on the Earth, to contact and nurture a relationship with that Magical Inner Being, the Child Aspect in all of us. If we make it safe and friendly for them to come out from where they have been hiding the ferocities and atrocities of this world system will begin to lose power over us.

By honoring our Children of the New Earth, and giving them the authority they deserve, we are symbolically honoring that Christ Child in each of us. We can watch them, study their ways and learn from their fresh perspectives. We can “become as little children” again, so that we can all see clearly to witness the Kingdom of Heaven as it manifests on Earth. It’s not about elevating one group over the other. Rather, it will be about equalizing all groups, so that society can finally move and function as one.

End Series.

© 2006, Daniel Jacob


Daniel Jacob
is a conscious channel, writer, and a Bio-Energetic Body Worker who lives in the Greater Seattle area. He owns and operates Myo-Rehab Therapy Associates - a multi-therapy clinic - in Kirkland, Washington, which specializes in muscular rehabilitation, stress management, and personal transition work. He has been in practice for 19 years. On 11/11/91, he began working with a group of energies that called themselves "The Reconnections." Daniel has developed a complete archive of information that has come through from them on a number of relevant topics. Daniel and his Associates have been doing research with people around the world, collating data and comparing notes on the topics of Physical Transmutation and Earth Changes. He has produced a 2-Part CD, on which he explains the story of "The Star Children" in depth. He calls it a "tonal infusion for the New Age." For more information about Daniel and his work visit www.thestarchildren.com, www.reconnections.net, or e-mail him directly at: daniel@reconnections.net.