Changing the settings on your computer display.


  • Go to the "start" menu on the lower left of your monitor

  • Click on "settings"

  • Click on "Control Panel"

  • Click on "Display" at the menu (where the picture of the monitor is)

  • At the top of that page, look for "settings" tab and click on it.

  • You will see a little timeline at the lower right corner, with the words "screen area" on it.  There is a button you can move back and forth between "less'' and "more."  Notice where you current setting is, and move the button to 1024 by 768 pixels.  Be sure to click "ok" before leaving that page. 

  • Your screen will go BLACK when you do this.  Don't be afraid.  It should only last for a few seconds, while the configuration changes. 

  • Go about your business and enjoy your new type size.  You can always change it back.  

  • If you wish the type size to be bigger on the page, go to "view" at the topic of your browser, and click on "text size."  You can make the type larger or smaller.  I usually make it the largest size, but that's just me.