I suppose........if I had to pick one special time.....on this journey.....(there were soooooo many)......I would choose our night at the Loch Duitch Hotel in the town of Dornie, bordering the Island of Skye. 
The Loch Duitch sits right across from Castle Eilean Donan....the Castle that is on the opening page of the Recon Web Site.  I call it OUR CASTLE.........because the feelings run high when we are there.   This trip was no exception. 
Nina had called ahead, and arranged a group tour for us in the afternoon, and we had all returned from the Castle with high energy, and big appetites.  When she called to arrange the tour, she came in contact with the Castlekeep.......the Manager of this great old castle.  His name is Rod, and he is a beautiful, marvelous, metaphysical fellow.  He joined us at the Hotel (which he used to own, actually).....and he told us ghost stories from way back, when he used to live there.  The room that is supposed to be haunted was once a domilicle for his aged father, who had a stroke there, or a heart-attack, or whatever.  It's that room (#3) that Stan inherited.........!!!   
Hollywood used this castle to film  "THE HIGHLANDER" , and there are many stories that go along with that as well. 
I needed to rest before dinner, as I was doing individual readings/channelings for almost all the participants, and I had to stay on schedule.  Rod dazzled the group with ghost tales, until just before dinner, when I came down and met him.  We had dinner together, and he proved to be a witty and powerful being!  He had heard of channeling before, but had never really experienced it in person.  He is a believer, but does not adhere to anything organizational.  He is a free spirit, and a true "kitty" (independent)........so we resonated. 
After dinner, Kassie came over and said to me......."Do you realize what is happening here?  We have an honest-to-goodness GATEKEEPER at our table!"   Remembering many of the transmissions dealing with Energy Gates, I offered to do an impromptu channeling for Rod, which he accepted, in a downstairs room. 
After everyone finished eating......we filed down to this tiny lounge, where the Guides treated us to an exposition about Trans-Portals, and the sponsoring of new energies into the physical 3D universe.  This is in development, as a transmission called "Mass Transit"......and will be shared in due time. 
We opened the possibility for Rod to ask questions directly of the Recons, which is did.........after a fashion.  He is a very focused and contained person, even though he is quite outspoken about many things!  A true charmer.  At one point, after the main narrative in the channeling, he said to the group (who was sitting all around us on the floor, up on the what-not shelf, and in various chairs and couches)......."I feel like my head is going to burst open!"  He was so sincere, and I suspect it meant a lot to him.  It certainly meant a lot to us. 
Rod is elegant and sublime!   He had special eyes for Shirley, one of our group, who is a charmer in her own right.  He told her he will always think of her as his Las Vegas Showgirl (she lives in Las Vegas, Nevada).  Clever Devil.............!  <wink>   
Another highlight for ya. 

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