From "Pan's Labyrinth" (2006)

"Break on Through to the Other Side"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

One of the most exciting things going on with Star Kids these days is their heightened ability to penetrate the "Veil" and gain access to Imaginal Realms which tend to elude the rest of us.  They can do this because they have no reason to block the knowledge, as did we Baby Boomers, prior to the 60s.  Their nervous systems are might say.......right from the "Factory."  This grants access to Realms of Consciousness occupied by Angels, Faery Folk (Otherkin), ETs, and so forth.

Those who study trends and behaviors involving Star Kids are often amazed when they find themselves in the midst of Dream Assemblies (Meetings in the Ethers), where Star Kids are offering "energy boosts" and infusions to selected Elders---downloading new expanded "tones" as they also instruct us concerning Times of Transition which lie ahead for the planet.

What causes concern, and some alarm---in both Star Kids and their parents---is the tact that many of these "journeys" across the Veil are taken only at SOME "levels" within their minds and hearts, but not ALL levels.  These occasional bouts seeming "half here and half THERE" can be unnerving, indeed.......especially if neither child nor parents have been educated properly about how the Meta-Human Prototype works.   

In their transmission "Your Inner Life," the Reconnections describe for us the four primary "modalities" folks utilize to contact the Other Side.   Some use visions to make contact, some hear music, speech, or other sounds, and some take Astral Journeys using their "feeling senses" only.

There is no right or wrong way to do it.  But some people FEEL there is.......and they may have a tendency to JUDGE their own or their children's expanding experience base, rather than embracing what's happening, and giving everything time to mature.  This gives rise to some unnecessary psychological "diagnoses," complete with inhibitory drugs to dampen the effects.  In my mind, this isn't "progress" at all.  It's just another cheap form kind of repression!  Those who are waking up from our 3D Dreams are busy about their tasks of informing humanity that we DON'T have to be afraid!  Nor do we have to regard folks who are "breaking through" as freaks.  And all of this is IN PROCESS, as we speak. 


"Break on Through"  ---  The Doors


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