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Transmissions and Commentaries

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A Grand Unraveling

Aids and Planetary Healing (the First Transmission)

Alchemy of Disease

Alien Abduction and Experimentaton

All One Again, Naturally

A New Creation

A State of Grace


An Expanding World

Anything and Everything


"Ascension Tones and Code Keys"

Assimilation (Recon Carion)

Astral Journeys:  Finding a State of Neutrality

Avian Flu, Sars, and the Breaking of the Global Heart


A Window of Opportunity

Becoming Magical

Becoming Sensorial

Becoming the Storm

Belief Factory

Belief and Human Need

Being Together, Birthing Together

Biological Warfare:  A Spirit Perspective


The Bridge People (Index)

Bridges Across Consciousness

Centers of Gravity


Citizens of the Multiverse

Clear Your Mind of Questions

Dealing With Psychic Disturbances

Desire Without Agenda



Do You Believe in Magic?

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Beyond Human Boundaries

Conscious Creation

Compilation Entities:  The Unity of a Complexity

Dark Forces and the Coming Transformation

The Children of Oneness

Civil Unrest

The Dreams of the Mass Mind


Encountering the HIVE

Every Sentient Being

Exodus of Souls (Transmission)

Exodus of Souls (Commentary)


Faith or Fear? (turn on speakers)

Family Tree, Family Me

Families of the Heart

Feeling Stuck?

Feeling Your Way

Fighting the Inner War

Financial Indebtedness

Form and Substance

Form Egos and Entities

"From Small Self to Expanded Self"

Getting Free

Getting Yours

Grieving For Those We've Lost

Global Transformation

Heaven and Hell

Hip-Hopping Through the Fourth Dimension

Human Experience

Honoring Yourself. . . . Wherever You Are

How Universes Are Formed

Intention and Experience

If You Build It, They Will Come

Images and Icons

Imagination:  The Golden Key



B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

All Time is Now All Space is Here Everything is real, everywhere it appears. If something doesn't appear, that doesn't mean it isn't real. It just means we have separated ourselves from it, through use of a Veil...


The VEIL OF FORGETFULNESS is a semi-permeable membrane which encapsulates the Consciousness of a person in 3D, so attention can be allocated to what we desire to study, close-up, and experience tangibly...


A MEMORY is a implanted experience module (capsule) which suggests to our Now what might have happened "back then..." In so doing, it provides color and texture so our experience of Now can be enhanced and manipulated properly under the microscope of 3D perception...



Intention and Experience

I Want,  I Need,  I Will. . . .

Labor Pains of the New Humanity

Lack of Resolution

Learning to Trust

Letting Go, Into the Flow

The Levels of Self

Lies and Betrayals

Linear Flow

Living At Ground Zero

"Loss of Identity"

Looking Glass World

Liquidating Your Assets

Living from the Heart (Without Losing Your Mind)


Multiplicity2:  Give Yourself a Break

Multiplicity 3:  The Inner Planes Alliance

Neo-Shamans of the New Millenium

Neo-Shamans 2:  The Hermetic Oneself

"Oneness: More Than a Feeling"

Open-Heart Mergery

Article and Commentary (click on banner)

Pandoiante:  Renewal  for a Frazzled Soul

Phase Shifting: Training for Godhood

"The Physicality of Ascension"

Pleasure and Pain in Transformation

Process Before Progress


Releasing Ownership

Another Transmission from The Reconnections..........


"Fragments of Self"

In our earlier transmissions to you, we have challenged your concept of yourself through infusions of knowledge concerning The New Paradigm of Universal Oneness.. You are so much more than you think you are! The universe of your perception---the people, places, objects, and interactive processes you once thought of as "containing you, but still essentially separate"--- is nothing more than a gigantic self portrait, painted in continually expanding, repetitive patterns in every direction into infinity.. This is an awesome thought, is it not? You are not one of many, you are really many of one.. And yet, we are quick to remind you that ultimate unity is only appreciated when experienced within a context of complete diversity.. Therefore, We (All of Us) a Multidimensional Oneself..........have fragmented our essence into however many "versions" of The One that are required to effectively portray how complete, variable, and totally fascinating we are..


The Transformation we speak about during this time is primarily a Shift of Perception.. There will appear to be outward changes, of course.. You will create just enough divergence from a "normal" life cycle that your Form Ego comprehends that something unusual is happening---but not so much that the Emotional Body gets overwhelmed.. Most of the TRULY unusual stuff will be happening INSIDE YOU.. (There will be exceptions to this pattern, depending on how difficult it is for a person to wake up when his or her time of Transformation appears).. Each person you meet, and each place you visit, is your very own portrait---a memento of a lifetime you are currently living, at another level on the "radio dial" of existence.. You call them here as points of reference.. Remember? It is ALL YOU.........Multidimensional YOU.. Where once you questioned "What is truth?" you can now recognize all aspects of truth, right before your eyes, and own them with confidence.. The physical body which you have come to think of as "self," is simply a tool---a visual aid---which enables you perceive things, to make distinctions, and experience the world around you.. It is a temple, to be sure.. But then, the whole world is your Temple.. Your microcosmic body is like an arrow that is printed on the directory in a local shopping mall.. The arrow says: "You are here.." Knowing that, the Oneself is able to experience spatial relationship.. Are you afraid of losing that body? Well......keep it, then.. Or, try on a few others.. It's ALL your body.. The only thing we shall ever lose is Separation..    MORE

Reconnected Relationships (Intro)


"Love Making"

Relationships:  A Time for Healing

Relationships 2:  The Dance of Two As One

Relationships 3:  The Cat People

Roots of Perception

Ride the Lightning

Rising Up, Dipping Down, Rising Up Again

Running the New Energy

Societal Control and Manipulation

Source Codes and Spirit Encryption

Spiritual Awakenings

Spiritual Gifts:  Planetary Gridwork

Spiritual Gifts (Intro and Exposition)

Spirituality and Sex (the Series)

Starting Again:  One Level Up



The Bridge People (Index)

"The Eye of the I"

The Economics of Oneness

The Experience of FLOW

The Falling-Apart World

 The God Self

The Grand Acceleration

 The Grand Game

The Age of Communication


The Infinity Makeover

The Many Faces of Fear

The Me That Is You

The Middle Ground

The MISSED of Avalon

The Physicality of Ascension

The Politics of Oneness

The Search for Justice

The Soul Train

The Space Shuttle Columbia

The Time of Crossing Over

The Tragic Ones

The Undiscovered Country

The View from Up Here

The World of Time/No-Time

The Winds of Change (from Carion)

Winds of Change (updated)

Trans-Portals:  Energy Gates in Space and Time

Trans-Portals2:  Travel Within the Multiverse

Trans-Portals 3:  Building Astral Bridges

Up Against a Wall

Voices in My Head

Vortex Merkaba:  The Harmonic Concordance

Waking from the Dream

Welcome to the Multiverse

What's Ahead for Planet Earth?

When Someone Dies........

You and Me in MULTI-D


Your Perfect Job



Misc. Articles

"Grieving for What Is To Come"

 B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

"Roots of Rage, Seeds of Hysteria"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

The 11:11 Activation

The 12:12 Stargate

7-5-12:  Universal, Multiversal Completion

9-11:  We Remember

A Conspiracy of One

A Language Which Flows from Heart to Heart

A "New" Take on Adam and Eve

A Terrible Power

A Thorn in the Soul

Androgyny (Index)

Androgyny:  The Third Gender Classification

Androgyny:  Shamanic

Are You Experienced?

Are You Highly Sensitive?

Are You Ready for a Miracle?

As the World Spins

Ascension Sexuality

Ascension Technologies

Ascension Tones and Codekeys

Astral Journeys (Index)

Astral Journeys:  The Transport Process

Become Your Own Religion

Being the Light

Beyond the "Secret"

Bio-Energetic Bodywork:  An Introduction

Body Heat

Break Up to Wake Up

Building the Crystal City

Changing the Channel

Christmas in New Orleans

Close to Heaven

Conceptual Reframing:  The Structure of Magic

Cosmic Tunnels

Crises of Faith



Easy Does It!

Election Returns (2004):  Family Values

Energy Activations Galore!

Energy Crisis


The Guides go on to introduce the term "Extracontextual," which they felt went much further in explaining ETs than making distinctions between Earthlings and people who live on other planets.  We say that something appears to be "Extracontextual" when it seems clear that IT DOESN'T BELONG HERE.   It seems out of context.  Out of place.  It feels ALIEN to us.  

This term could also describe the appearance of faeries, devas, Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Demons, Little Green Men, Pegasus, Giant Lizards, Amorphous Blobs that gobble up people, and a whole host of other "phenomena" that might cross our path.   It doesn't always have to involve OTHER PLANETS, although using it in that way has seemed to fit the need of many people up to now. 

The Extraterrestrial Factor in Human Consciousness (Index)

Feeling Out of Touch ?

Fear of Flying

Follow the White Rabbit

Flooding in the Midwest


Harmonic Concordance:  An Open Window, A Rising Tide

Heart and Soul Resonance

Home for the Holidays

Hope, Fear, and a New Kind of Faith

How to Figure Stuff Out

Internal Voids:  Keys to Ascension

In the Cleft of the Rock

Just Say What You know

Let the River Run!

"The Physicality of Ascension"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

Magnetic Pole Shifts

Man in a Can

Meeting the Beloved

Meta Reality (About)

Middle Earth

My Planet, Myself

No More Sky?

On Making Predictions


Playing the Race Card

Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Rebirthing (Conscious Breathwork)

Rebirthing: Activation of Breath

Rebirthing Session

Rebirthing:  Basic Training

Schizophrenia, Bipolar Consciousness, and Other Shamanic Traits

She's Not There

Shut Up and Listen, Wake Up and Feel!

Something Wicked (and Wonderful) this way comes....

Something's Coming

Soul Contracts

Taking the Descrimination Bull By the Horns

Touching the Void

3D and the Realization of Goals

Tonal Communication

It includes words, but the words aren’t the primary focus.  They’re more like a form of punctuation that happens within a steady flow of CONNECTION that never stops.  We become like dolphins and whales in the water.  Tonal Communication includes what goes on “between the lines” of our speech :  body language, gestures, vocal inflection, energy shifts within the local environment, Freudian “slips,” and circumstantial indicators as well.  All parts of the equation are included.  The beginning EXERCISES of Language of Light sound a lot like gobbledy-gook in the beginning……..until various remembered subconscious “dialects” begin to appear, which they surely do.  Mostly, it involves shaking off our addiction to speaking only from our head...a hold-over from hyper-masculine ways of being.  As we continue to EXPRESS--EMOTE—EVOLVE, our Language Rituals change with us.  We worry less about what things “mean,” as we allow our abstract self a chance to finger-paint with sound and gesture……in search of fuller, more wholistic ways of connecting.  We only care about how we feel as we are doing it.  In a way, it's like a Rorschach Test, using sound.  And all VIEWERS or HEARERS of that sound are free to involve themselves with it as they see fit.      

Traversing the Portals

The Big Squeeze

The Gate

The Eye of a Storm

The Grounding Time

The Here and Now

The Many and the One

The Mists of Travel-On

The Shadow Self and Energy Activation

The Venus Transit:  What a Rush!

The World is My Desktop

The World Within


Vibrational Healing


Star Children Archive

As the World Spins

Authenticity and the Operations of Spirit

Meeting Your Inner Genius (Index)

Soul-ar Rain

The Sword in the Stone:  America's Education System Under Fire



Concerning the Middle East

Doing Battle With Darkness


Poems by Daniel Jacob

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


~from Belteshaazar

"Passion is a grand and glorious bird, gliding across the night sky. Perched upon its wings, you look down at the city far below and you smile. The people, all snug in their fleshy houses, will look out at you with respect and with admiration. To be in passion is to forget time, forget limitation. It is to be free from hesitation - shooting straight and sure while taking no aim. To know passion is to give freely from a warehouse that never runs out, never says no - -it is crystalline and molded to eternity."


Bound for Heaven

I Don't Want to Go (But I Won't Let You Leave Without Me)


(long version)


The Greatest Need




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