"After Ascension"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


I spoke to a young man in Europe recently who announced to me, unequivocally, that he had already ascended.  "It's over," he said with absolute confidence.  He then went on to share with me interactions he'd had with Inter-dimensional Beings, Extraterrestrials, Faeries, Gods, Goddesses, Ascended Masters, and so on.  

As I listened, my mind flashed back to a phrase I first heard in the early 90s, which I dearly loved:  "After Enlightenment: the laundry." 

There are loads of gloom and doom messages making their way around the Internet today.  Writers and Seers, still locked in a LINEAR CONTEXT of Reality, naturally feel a need to "fill in the blanks" between where humanity exists NOW, and where they believe we're going.  They can't imagine how humanity could move to step "G" in an experience pattern without first going through steps "A-F."


Furthermore, following this line of thinking....... if humanity finds itself/ourselves gravitating towards adopting a "new" way of living and being......we must somehow BLOW UP the "old" way of being before we make the move. 

"Argue for Your Limitations, and You Get to Keep Them...." 

~Richard Bach

Yet here he is, my Star Child friend, openly declaring:  "It's all there.  I've been there.  A goodly portion of me is STILL THERE, and yet I am ALSO HERE........telling you what I've felt and learned."  I've spoken to Star Kids about flying high above the Earth (looking down with awe and wonder), about Telekinesis, Telepathy, Empathic Healing.  Ascension Technologies.

"Heaven is real," they tell me.  "So is Hell."  Demons are real, and each has a part to play in the Game of Life.  If we can imagine it, it's real.  We don't have to DIE to get there.  But we do need to learn how to LET GO.

If gloom, doom, death and destruction is what you need.........in order to let go.......the Multiverse will provide that experience for you.  But everyone is not destined to go through such experiences.  And once the Ascension is felt and archived, there are hosts of experiences left to have.  Universal Oneness is not a destination, per se.  It's really a TOUCHSTONE, clearing our perceptual palette for the next delicious "dish" to be served to us at the banquet of Eternal Life and Expansion. 





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