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Questions and Sharing from an Awakening Generation

With Daniel Jacob


Dear Starchildren:  "I just read your article, "The Star Children." I have to tell you that my son called me from New York and told me he had a watched a show on TV called the Indigo Child. He said that they were talking about him. After further research, I have to agree with him. Michael is a true "Star Child."

When he was about three, I was giving him a bath, and out of the clear blue, he told me that he had picked me. I asked him what he meant, and he said that he knew that I would be a good mother and that he picked me. Then he asked me what I had done with the mirror that used to be in his bedroom. We remodeled the old country farm house long before he was born. There were no pictures of the mirror that used to hang over the fireplace in his bedroom, nor did my husband and I ever mention it. It was a little shocking. Over the years, we found Michael to be very bright (147 IQ). He would astound people with his grasp of knowledge at such a young age. He said his ABC's at 17 months.  He is everything you mentioned in your article and more. He is very in tune with spirits and such. He became a drama teacher in high school and taught for one year. He is now looking for a job on Broadway. 

My co-worker and I were talking and told her about Michael telling me that he picked me as a mother and she told me that when her daughter was about three, they were riding in a car and her daughter was eating donut circles and said, "Mommy, last time I was a boy and I drowned."  Stacey asked her "What?" And her daughter told her that she used to be a boy and that she died by drowning. Stacy said that her daughter doesn't remember telling her that now that she is bigger, but she is very afraid of water.

I always mentioned to my husband, if Michael had been born first, I wouldn't of had anymore children, ha, ha. He was always his own character and had his own mind and way of doing things. Don't get me wrong, he was always a wonderful child, but stubborn to the max. He was watching the Muppet Baby's when he was two years old. We went to the drug store and he put on his little sun glasses. I asked him why he wanted to wear sun glasses and he said that his eyes were very sensitive to the light. I couldn't imagine a two-year old saying that his eyes were sensitive. I asked him where he had heard that word and he replied, "Miss Piggy said that."  When he was four, he was watching the Muppet Baby's again and Gonzo played chop sticks on the piano. I watched Michael go over to our organ and he sat down and played chop sticks. He started taking piano lessons and the teacher would play a tune and try to teach him the notes. Well, Michael didn't have time to learn the notes, so he just played back what she had played. He plays the piano and trumpet now. His memory was amazing. He would hear or read something and if you asked him to recite it back to you, he would pause (as if rewinding in his head) and then recite or sing for you. I always teased him that he had a tape recorder in his head. I was his science teacher when he was in the seventh grade. I pulled him out of the gifted classes since they were not challenging enough. Thought I could do better since I knew my son. He scored 100% in my class. You know all the other teachers talked about that, but he scored 100% in every science class he ever took, even college organic chemistry. The teachers couldn't stump him on anything. He challenged his algebra teacher and gave her grief on why was algebra important. Of course he got an A in her class. With that brain power, he could have been anything he wanted, but he wanted to teach, sing and act. I am waiting for his big break on Broadway with his awesome voice. Keeping my fingers crossed."  Regards, Sandra Hart.

DJ:  Thanks so much for sharing, Sandra.  It's easy to see why your son is such a success.  With a mother like you cheering him on, what kid could lose? 

Dear Starchildren:  I was born in august of 1975 and have always felt different from other people including the people in my family. I have shown to have “gifts” and an inner wisdom which does not feel like my own. I saw a being of light when I was 2 years old coming in through the window with sun shining in. The being was very nice to me and I played games with it and it also touched my shoulder. I have seen people’s futures and past very clearly by touching their hand and closing my eyes, seeing it as if I were looking at a movie screen. I have taken pain away from people when I couldn’t stand to see them suffer. I have always felt above people but not feeling like I’m better than everybody. I have also on occasion felt I can talk to animals telepathically, I say a command in my head and the dog does it for example. I have called myself an “other” (opposed to star child) and can sense this trait in these people to which I only associate. “norm” people don’t want to have anything to do with me like making me feel like I’m evil…LOL    Thanks for listening, S.W.

Dear Starchildren:   I've been suffering from severe depression.  I almost lost any hope to get better.  Can you help me with this situation?

DJ:  Most of the causes of depression in Star Kids today come from one of two things: 

Your Core Self is very important to the process.  That self has a voice.  It comes to you sometimes.  There are other voices inside as well………critical, fearful, angry, and doubting.  Try to step beyond those voices and hear the clear voice of your Core Self when it speaks.  Follow the direction it gives you……ideas that don’t sound fearful or doubting.  Be Honest.  If you listen closely, you will be able to hear it.  The world is set up right now so that there are people who have authority in a young person's life who may not really understand you.  If you can do so, try and be as expressive of your feelings as possible.  If no one will listen, write them down in a book.  Keep them for a time when someone WILL listen.  That time is coming soon.  Don't lose hope.  Keep reading here, and keep reaching out.

Dear Star Children:   I’m 22 years old, and I’m a Star Child.  I found this site through, by clicking on the link in someone’s post about Imagineers.  I’m currently writing this with tears in my eyes because I’m so filled!  Someone has put into words what I’ve felt all my life.  This whole 11:11:11 portal thing has really affected me.  I study astrology, numerology, etc. and I’ve been looking to those because I was just really curious as to what was going on.  There are so many connections I have to 11…I won’t go into all that, but they’re there!  I know that my Higher Self is very powerful, and I’ve learned to just go with the flow, most of the time.  I’ve always been very “esoteric” if you will, but I really thought I was losing it when I kept seeing 11:11 on my clocks.  No matter where I was or what I was doing.  One common denominator:  whenever I saw 11:11 I was about to “do” something.  You understand what I mean?  I had just gotten that impulse to move after hours of sitting or writing or reading or typing, then I’d glance to the clock or my watch.  It would mostly be a digital clock which would actually read “11:11”.   So when I happened upon your site and read your 11:11:11 article, I was floored! 

[DJ:]  Not only is the 11:11 meaningful to me, but there are additional powerful teachings about it being put forth by one called SOLARA……..   You may want to check them out.   

Jason:  You know, it’s strange because I have the ability to be in the moment, and also see my life happening like it was on the big screen at the same time.  As far as the labels:  Indigo’s sort of sound like the people in my parents’ generation.  With all the movements going once they came of age…sounds like a good fit.  He always talks about “action, action, action”.  Take action for what you believe.  He says our generation has nothing to fight for so we’re just lazy.  He said he doesn’t see anyone in the forefront making any big changes and standing up for rights as often.  I constantly remind him, we know exactly who we are and once we “come of age” you will see our changes.  I tell him “his” people are still the lawmakers and establish the norm in society.  I joke and tell him we’re not old enough to get a job in DC yet…hello..minimum age of 35 in the House of Reps!  Actually on I saw the descriptions for Crystals and Rainbows.  That felt pretty accurate, especially after they talked about the shifts they made to get there. 

Now…onto personal relationships:  When I say “Loner”, I don’t mean, I stay cooped up in my room or by myself all the time.  I love people.  By loner I mean in my actions and thoughts.  I wasn’t afraid to take a different path, and actually I thrive in searching out the unknown.  Whether it’s in the depths of my soul or in a new country, it’s all the same.  I didn’t/don’t “need” to be with someone at lunch or the movies if no one was/is available.  I don’t necessarily move with the crowd.  Everyone thought I was crazy when I left college before I finished my last year.  If I find a crowd of people like me, it’s wonderful…my best friends are like minded (but different enough for me to learn something from them).  I did have a hard time with personal relationships at one point.    Sometimes I forget everyone doesn’t do “soul studies” and they sometimes see me “finite”.  Sometimes I think “I don’t have to deal with you right now”, but that’s because I’m on eternity’s clock, ya know?  Some people don’t understand that and that’s okay.   

Dreams.  I actually dream a lot.  When I was really in the flow in LA, I dreamed all the time.  Extremely clear dreams.  For example, I’m a singer/actor, right?  One day, I had this very involved dream.  I was being bombarded with stimuli.  People were telling me I had an interview here and there, I needed to do press and get my makeup on…it was crazy.  I knew I was in NYC because I looked out and saw the Chrysler Building.  As makeup artists “made me over” I thought “Wow, I remember when I saw this before, in my dream”.  They started cutting my hair and I woke up to a phone call.  I grabbed my hair immediately, because I thought it was gone, from the cut.  I looked at my cell phone and saw it was a New York number.  Whoever it was was calling on East Coast time, so I hung up.  It turned out to be a talent scout!  I called him back, got things rolling…and two weeks later, I was meeting top producers, heads and managers.  It was psycho. One of my teachers used to say to us “Déjà vu is sort of like a checkpoint to let you know you’re on the right path”. 

Contact with other dimensions:  I speak with my spirit guide Andy all the time.  It’s funny..when I was a kid, I named one of my dogs Andrew because I liked the name so much for “some reason”.  My family made fun of me….who names their dog Andrew?  I also had a very real and eerie experience last year.  I fell asleep at a friend’s house.  I think a few more friends were over as well.  Anyway, I was asleep, then all of a sudden I was in this weird oval shaped room.  I describe it like a big glass doughnut lying flat on the ground. There were no doors, but the inner chamber of the “doughnut” had some machines in it.  There were other people in the room with me, but I can’t remember how many.  I’d say intuitively about 4 or 5.  I only specifically recall one guy who had brown hair.  We started looking for doors out, but there were none, just glass that was unbreakable.  The outer chamber we were in was full of light and we could see we were in the middle of a thick forest.  It was night outside.  I don’t think we were scared, just anxious.  We had no idea what was going on.  I remember telling the others that “they” were coming.  They couldn’t see the alien’s coming, but I saw them psychically…I had an eagle’s eye view of the forest and they were walking toward the glass chamber in a “flock” formation.  Then they walked in front of the building.  There were no doors, but they just stepped through the glass.  Instantly we were seated on a long couch or bench and a large screen to play a film came down.  While it was coming down, one of them walked over to me and said, “Will you sing a song for us Jason?  How about “Easy”? “  (In the college group I used to be in a sang Easy Like Sunday Morning by the Commodores)  He said this all telepathically.  I asked him how he knew my name, but he didn’t respond.  Then I looked at the screen and saw body parts.  They were showing movie clips of different body parts.  It wasn’t gory or anything.  There was no blood.  It was like someone had taken apart an action figure.  We knew instantly they were about to do that to one of us.  I saw the skin was white, so I knew it wasn’t me.  Then we saw the face of the brunette guy.  That’s why I remembered him.  Then I jerked out of my sleep and heard “the ocean”.  It wasn’t raining, and even though I was in Santa Monica…the ocean was miles away!  I was disoriented for a bit and fell to sleep.  I told my two girlfriends the next day.  One wrote it off as a bad dream.  The other, who I really believe is a kindred spirit, said “Jay!  You were just abducted!”  I asked her if she believed in that and she was very sincere and genuine when she said yes.  This girl is very practical, down to earth, and based in reality.  So when she said that I was floored!  She then proceeded to talk about all she believed about aliens.  She said they were already here and I was lucky enough to meet them.  I’d honestly never thought about ET’s ever in my life before that day!  I didn’t see any movies to make me dream that either.  It really did just come out of the blue. I don’t mind if you post this “bio”.  That would actually be wonderful to help someone else out.  You could put my name and email if you want.  (Jason Hamlin, )

[DJ:] Thanks so much, Jason. I love to hear these stories!

Thank you for your wonderful website which I just found. I have coped (mostly as a divorced woman) with bringing up a true Star Child.

Until now. I have coped with the ADHD, the allergies, the depression, the psychic abilities, and everything else that comes with the honor of being chosen as one of these children's mother.  I have finally hit that final "I can't take any more" point, even though she is nearly 22. Your website has given me the courage to take a deep breath, and get some sleep, and revisit everything in the morning. No one who has not dealt with this sort of child can have any understanding of the complexities of life at all, or understand what we, as parents, go through every minute of every day. And we cannot just focus on the children. We need to also focus on, and help, the parents they have chosen. My life has gone round and round with that of my beautiful daughter's. I have an extremely strong faith, which I need everyday. Thank you for your website.

(Sandra, )

[DJ:]:   I hear you, Sandra.  Bless you for hanging in there.  Before long, you'll be glad you did.  We all will!

MB, Alaska (Star Elder):  "Where to start??????   These kids' childhoods and lives really do mirror ours, don't "they"?????  I hope You let "them" know that You are creating a Gathering Place on the Net, a Global Community for Star Yungers and Star Olders alike.  We may have forgotten who we are, but we are remembering.

This longing to go home is very familiar, it was an ache most of my life.  Actually, until I found reconnections.  I think this "home" we desire is "Love" but it seems so alien we think of it as another planet.  We are energy, at least according to modern physics, and I believe that energy is love.  Many would argue this because of Our screwed up definitions and understandings of Love.

I speak of love that is big enough to include hate, light that is bright enough to be dark.

So, in my expanded life (Dreamworks) last night I visited star kids in a big city in US and another in Europe (I will continue to call it Europe until the rest of the world acknowledges the change).  In US (coulda been Seattle or NY) I bought a Cadillac Eldorado and moved into a derelict skid row hotel occupied mostly by young people.  In Europe it was a bombed out compound or apartment complex (very large) occupied by street kids.

I was welcomed in to both communities.  This is new to me, being welcome, especially by misfit kids.  My appearance tends to reek of the establishment, the enemy, but these kids seem to be beginning to see beyond that.  Or I Am doing a better job of projecting what's inside or both.

Anyway, throughout the night and on waking I'm thinking: "What if We admit/real-eyes that We are All born with multi-dimensional abilities and just forgot, sometimes quickly sometimes slowly.  What if We start there and move forward?"    ~MB, Alaska.

DJ:  Thanks, my friend.  Your comments are well appreciated, and right on!


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