Fully Awake, Spontaneous, Out-of-Body. . . .

B Y   A L A N   V O D I C K A


This began some years ago during my second year of college. I would sit in my lazy boy recliner and “feel the music” (I had large speakers that would pulse my body, I loved Feeling the shifts in my physical body that would occur from listening to deep trance music. Like an internal massage. This is well before my current understanding of the non-physical/multidimensional aspects of reality) While I would trance out to the music often with some "herbal" help, I would begin to “watch.” I would watch the “light show.” I would close my eyes and there would be these geometrical patterns that would begin to flow and would create these shifting images and often tunnels that I would fly through. I would watch the patterns and be mesmerized by them. I loved this. It was one of my favorite things to do because it was such a pleasurable experience.

And I did it all the time. Then during one of my light shows something strange happened. Without warning I began to fall into my body. Deep into the depths of my body. It would begin with a feeling of massive peripheral tremors around the exterior of my body but only on the back side. And when they were at their maximum I would drop into my body. (Much like the spins with alcohol, if you lay still the spins begin, but if you concentrate really  hard you can stop the spins some people put a foot on the ground, but sometimes you cannot stop them.) This first time I had no idea what was happening and didn't know how to control it so it just happened and I went for the ride because I didn't know anything else.

Dropping In

Shuddering vibrations throughout my body/energy fields, reaching maximum point. Letting Go. Falling. Deep, Deeper, back into my chair into the blackness of nothing, the void...

Watching through the eyes of perception, not of the body, as my body rises above me or more accurately as I fall into my body. Seemingly falling through the wormhole of my existence, of the sacred heart, the center of the back, the center of my physical being. Watching as I cross the event horizon of my physical orb, falling deep into the wormhole of the sacred heart portal that connects my physical universe to my non-physical universe. Watching through the tunnel of this portal my body farther and farther up above, as I fall silently and effortlessly into the silence and nothing of existence.

The Connections

Now when this first began, I knew nothing of the mystical realms of being or of thought. There was no mystical realm in my existence. This experience had no language and no definition in my consciousness. I knew nothing of eastern traditions or shamanic traditions, I knew nothing but my physical representation and what I had learned in a very small town, western, Christian, small minded, community, I had never heard of meditation or chakras or human energy fields or remote viewing, or astral traveling. I had never contemplated the afterlife, or the before life. Those questions had no way of arising in my thought process because the concepts did not exist in my awareness. The concepts of heaven and hell existed but I gave the concepts little credit in my belief system.

That first time

After that first experience it was years before it happened again, but I never forgot it. It was one of those strange experiences that are etched into my memory like when I was in my first car accident with my mother. I was in the front passenger seat and watched in super slow motion high definition as a car slid past a stop sign and we smashed into her drivers side door crushing the little car. The way that time slowed and every detail completely stood out. Has never left me.

The feeling.

With this process along with the vibrations comes a whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh sound and a metallic taste in my mouth and these energy pulses that are very profound where the whoosh sound is super imposed with these energy pulses felt in my entire body. It is a very intense experience. And then when I fall into my body all becomes silent save for the stretching energy feeling along my backside. It gets tighter or thinner not like a rubber band but like silly putty. There is no tension.

The Next Seven Years.

During the next few years after that first experience I had not had a similar event in feeling. I did however have other profound experiences that proved to me the very little I actually knew about the reality I live in. I had an experience with ritual substances(2002) where I had absolute voluntary control of all involuntary actions of the body, such as heart beat, sweat production, etc., experiences of other dimensional realities, of sharing visions with multiple people. I began to gain personal experience of the fluidity of consciousness and began to have clear understanding that I am more than this body, and there is much more to this “reality” than I had ever imagined.

Then I had an out of body/near death experience(2003). Where I was given a glimpse of the before and after life and was given understanding in vast detail the nature of life and time and the embodiment/coming to earth process. I was given a direct experience of the non-physical aspect of “mySelf” I was also told about meditation and accessing this realm while still embodied. That you don't have to die to experience this realm. I went through a life review process, and then “popped” back into my body.

Before this experience began I had my first experience of sensing and directing my energy field. And later as I involuntarily rose up out of my body it was completely different then the falling into my body feeling that I am describing here.


After that NDE/OBE I began having synchronistic events (including some jail time) that would forever change the course of my life. I began meeting people I had known in “other” times. I began dreaming as vividly as waking life and I began to loose my sense of “reality” I didn't know when I was dreaming and when I was awake. When I would go to sleep, I would click over and wake up on the other side, then I would go to sleep and wake up on the other side. Often times waking up in utero having superimposed reality of both the dreamed and undreamed. I became aware of astral travel and conscious OBE, and began exploring the physical realm non-physically. Have had experiences of switching bodies, and having complete sensory experience in another's body. I began meeting people and experiencing places I had dream with and about. I had “Jobs” on the other side. That would correlate to social work on this side. Like Public servant work, working with Priests, Doctors, Communes, Great Libraries and record halls. Reading and writing in other languages many with pictographs and hieroglyphs. I began conversing with people at a distance and would be “impelled or sucked” to sleep and have conversations with people and then meet them a day or two later and begin having a conversation only to realize we had already shared the information. I had begun communicating without using words.

I found I could breath in certain ways and superimpose my body onto another's at a distance and feel in my body their ailment and make it go away in my body and they would report, sometimes instantly through on-line chat, that the ailment had left their body. I could share dreams with people. I could have parties in dream-time and invite people on the inner planes and then later have people come up to me and say “you have to hear about this dream I had the other night” even with multiple people sharing the same dream. With me the only one who knew ahead of time.

The return of the muse.

When I was a kid I would be sung to sleep by a woman who sounded so clear and real and beautiful. Although not real. She would sing me to sleep. Often in other languages. Sometimes opera style sometimes angelic like. Almost like she was singing to me in my head. When I grew up this stopped. Until this time period. She came back! And she brought others with her. Sometimes it would be a band or like I was at a concert in the front row. Like The Allman Brothers. And I realized that as my mood shifted the music would be like improv and would shift as my emotions shifted. I would play with it and shift my emotion and watch the shift in the music. Again High definition. Since then I heard a radio show on “WNYC's Radiolab” about people who hallucinate sound. It is much like their accounts. Although those on the show had all been deaf at one point. I have not.

Then I hit a breaking point (2005). The blur between realities became overwhelming and I realized I had to intervene or I would go “mad”.

I blocked everything out.

The dreams stopped, the inner communication stopped, I stopped playing with astral travel, I stopped all non-physical explorations. I needed a break.

I did still meet new people that I had previously dreamt with and encountered places I had dreamt of. For example, a few years later I had moved to a new city and was invited to one of my client's houses only to walk into her living room to realize I had been there before. I had lived at this house for a few weeks during my intense dream-time period. I told the woman this and I told her there was one difference between my dream-time and her real house. I said 'This might sound strange but I slept on a bed in your kitchen'. She started laughing and said, Oh we took that out two weeks ago.

Back to Falling In (2006)

About two years after I started blocking, I was in a massage class. We stopped for a break and I stood up from sitting on the floor and all of the sudden that feeling “whoosh whoosh whoosh” began. I the floor started shifting and wobbling and my perception began to shift and began to rise up and out slightly above and behind my body. My body lost all motor skill and I was probably 75% out of my body 25% in and it took ALL my effort to control the body with that 25% I grabbed onto the wall and concentrated as hard as I could and slowly began to return to my body. All the while struggling to stay standing. From inside my body it felt as if I was flailing wildly about wobbling uncontrollable back and forth. When I got back in fully, I looked around to those around me to see their reactions to my convulsing and flailing. To my surprise not one concerned look, or inkling of notice. My conclusion was that my body was just standing next to the wall. And it was all an inner experience.

Between 2006 and 2007

I began slowly opening back up to different aspects of my non-physical self. I began meditating again and began spontaneously meeting very high caliber intuitives and inter-dimensional travelers both physical and non-physical. And began playing within the realms of the non-physical again. Including connecting with many different inner guides teachers and travelers. Began full blown channeling, seeing energies, and began studying with inner plane guides and teachers both physically at a distance and non-physically. Began reactivating energy grid portals, and experiencing walk-ins and spirit friends borrowing bodies to interact with me. But still not any type of OBE explorations.

Three incidents in very short time proximity (2008)

The first of these I was watching a football game with my now in-laws, and they had gotten up during a break and went into the kitchen and I stood up shortly after to do the same. I stood up and stretched with my arms spread eagle and took a deep breath, my plate and fork in hand. And up and out I went. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. Again about 75% out and 25% in. I was simultaneously watching my body from above and experiencing it from within. As my physical body lost all control it took all my effort to get back to the chair before I popped out fully so I wouldn't fall to the ground. When I returned my plate and fork were in my lap and thankfully no one in the room.

The second (winter 2009), two weeks or so later,

I was at my dad's walk in shower showering. I decided to pleasure myself, and at climax I watched a huge portal open above my head and heard “Breath Deeply and focus on the energy pillar/column/sushumna.” My energy core pillar lit up, and up and out I went. This time about 95% out 5% in watching my body fall and smash it's head on the ceramic tile. This time I was “out” longer, when my physical came to I had blood everywhere from my knee and forehead. And had a possible concussion. After I was very lucid. And still about 20% out while I cleaned up and when up and laid on his couch. And watched the thought stream and lowered beneath it to have a direct communication. I was told that if I did not begin my “work” this process was going to continue until my exit at 33. That if I began my “work” I would again have the choice to stay or go. But that if I did not begin my “work” this was the beginnings of my “exit” process.

The third about two weeks after that.

I was in session (bodywork) with my client on the table. “Whoosh whoosh whoosh” this time as I started to leave I used everything I had to stay and hold myself in my body. I held myself at about 50%50% having enough control over my body to slowly lay my head on the table next to my client while standing until I fully returned and regained control over the body. I felt relief that I was able to control the process. And that I was able to hold myself in body. I took a few deep breaths and finished the session. All unknown to my client.

So now it's 2011

I haven't been doing much inner plane exploration, or dream-time work, or energy work for that matter. Barely taking time to tune in. still doing bodywork but up here has been very 3d carbon form material palpation. With slight energy work here and their, but no concentrated focus.

A note on Time

During these times all sense of time is lost, I think time slows down greatly, because the sense of time to me during the experiences always seems a mismatch to others in the room. It seems like I've been gone for much longer than others experiences of me. Based on my observations.

Setting the stage

I have been getting the hit to start dabbling in Conscious OBE the last few weeks. With different materials and websites and videos and books coming to me on remote viewing, astral travel, inner plane work, etc.

The Woman

A few months ago I got a call from my sister saying her friend Molly's otherwise healthy sister Linda (fake names) who has kids and a family went to the doctor because she wasn't feeling well and found out her body is riddled with cancerous tumors in every organ and brain etc. The doctors gave her day's to live and told her to get her things in order. She made it a few months and checked out over the weekend two days before “The One That Got Away”. I did some energy work with her over the phone. And got a clear sense of the reality of her health. I also did a few sessions with Molly to help her through the transition with her sister.

Rapid Fire Succession

As of about two weeks ago I have had at least a dozen or so experiences of the whooshing. Most have all been controlled, ie. using all my energy and effort to hold myself in my body and not get sucked out. And I mean everything I've got. I have to focus all my concentration on staying present. And I've noticed the earlier I sense the vibrations the less effort is needed to hold myself in. and the faster I act on counteracting the pulses the less effort is needed to hold myself in.

The One That Got Away

A few nights ago I began having this super intense muscle tension in my levator neck/scapular area. (very rare for me to have muscle tightness this intense) My wife began massaging my shoulders for me. All of the sudden the woman (Linda) came into my awareness very clearly. She came in so clearly, and pulled at me so forcefully and said some things including “You're next...” in reference to her body.

I tried to hold myself in my body. Twice almost losing it and falling back into my wife who was massaging my shoulders. I was like I need to get to the bed. And stood up and got to the door. And popped out and watched myself fall to the bed and lay down. When I popped back in I was laying on the floor on my dogs bed at the foot of my bed and my wife was standing over me all worried saying I missed the bed and almost cracked my head on the chest at the foot of our bed. Asking if I was alright and what happened “did you faint?” I didn't know how long I had been out. I guessed minutes for me but I was only out like seconds for my wife.

The Concerned One

Needless to say my wife is very concerned. “What if it happens when your driving. And what if I'm not here and you crack your head.” She did have some common sense ideas like get to the floor when you feel them, do not try to get to the bed.

Makes sense to me logically. But, If I am standing it takes all my energy to hold myself in so I don't exit, my concern would be that if I went to the floor I would exit for sure. Not that that's a bad thing, it just seems like I would rather consciously hold myself in than spontaneously pop out.

And then there's the physical apparatus concerns, is this something physical that is triggering my exiting? I have already chosen the old way of when it's my time it's my time. Not having insurance I would rather not have a burden of debt to hold on to if I stayed let alone leaving something like that behind for your family to inherit.

So that's where I am now...

Still Here...

Question for intuitives reading this:

Is there any energetic connection with what is known as Autism (it has been a recurring theme popping into my awareness in various ways over the years)

Any thoughts, questions, comments, connections, would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Peace and Love,


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